Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Admits To Playing PlayStation Exclusives

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "In a conversation on Twitter, Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft, has admitted that even he plays games exclusive to PlayStation. "

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Regis1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

No really? Honestly I think everyone plays everything I could be wrong though.

P.S who couldn't resist PlayStation.

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JoGam1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Exactly. If Phil Harrison can work for Sony while fighting against MS then turn around and work for MS while fighting against Sony only shows one thing.....its just his job. What these people do on their spare time is their business. Game away. All systems/consoles should and can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter who u are or where you work.

kneon1839d ago

He should be playing Sony exclusives as part of his job. It only make sense to understand your competitors product so that you can make yours better.

0ut1awed1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

This article is dumb and only shows he is a real gamer. Do people really think employees at Microsoft that are actually gamers didn't play other consoles? I think Major Nelson has already admitted this many times over the years.

The same goes for people at Sony and any other gaming software/hardware developer out there.

I know it's hard for some people on N4G to comprehend but most gamers enjoy playing ALL good games much more than pledging allegiance to one single company.

LOGICWINS1839d ago

"Do people really think employees at Microsoft that are actually gamers didn't play other consoles?"

Its N4G...that should answer your question.

Even Pachter who has been called an "Xbox fanboy" plays LBP with his children.

Omegasyde1839d ago

I dislike Ms but I $^#^$^#^@ love halo mulitplayer. I also enjoyed Gear 1 and 2.

LOGICWINS1839d ago

^^Yeah, I'm prob gunna crack when Halo 5 comes out too. I missed not having an Xbox last gen :/

MS still has to drop the price a hundred bucks and offer a bit more value to Live though.

badboy7761839d ago

He's Just trying to get a job with Sony because he know Xbox won't last long.

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spicelicka1839d ago

Wtfff what kind of news is this, what does his working for Microsoft have anything to do with his personal life. He's a human being and a gamer, if he can afford it why wouldnt he play all systems?

Firstly all fanboys are usually fanboys Cuz they can't afford both systems or have their fav franchises on one. He may have fav franchises on any system, but just Cuz he "plays" the PlayStation its not some shocking fukin news.

And secondly im sure being part of the gaming industry for the production side requires you to try all kinds of video games regardless of what platform.

Stop scrutinizing tweets to make useless news posts.

badboy7761839d ago

He's Just trying to get a job because he know Xbox won't last long.

ImG2theB1839d ago

Seriously? Sony is the one who is on the brink of bankruptcy. I'm sure he would chose a more stable company.

Mystogan1839d ago

Lol if anyone is going out of business because of financial reasons its Sony xD.

Stupid fanboys...

Mosiac771839d ago

Sony employee do it also. Thats how you keep up with the competition. To see what they are up to. Why do you think Sony has copy Microsoft and Nintendo in many ways.

H0RSE1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I've never owned a Playstation, and have no desire to. The platform as whole, from it's UI, exclusives, online service, controller and even the community, are not appealing to me at all. This is not a troll attempt, I simply saw the first comment as question, regardless if rhetoric, and wanted to answer it.

BallsEye1839d ago

He's a gamer not a fanboy like 99% of community here that think they will get some kind of cancer when playing on xbox.

reko1838d ago


funny cause youre one of them lol

SlyFoxC1839d ago



cedaridge1839d ago

Just of many reason's why we should play games, not consoles.
XB1: cedar4Thunder / PS4: cedar4Thunder{but not until Jan)

Gekko361839d ago

LOL Are you equating the playstation to a cuddly animal?

Well since it's Japanese I'd go with Akita, cute but a total bastard when it turns on you.

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aquamala1839d ago

shocking some people own more than one console

JoGam1839d ago

Why be shocked? There are no laws against it.

Convas1839d ago

I always chuckle when I see sensationalist headlines like this.

What? You think that PS devs don't play Xbox games? You don't think Xbox men enjoy PS exclusives?

It's downright hilarious that the actual developers have less qualms with each other and each other's products than their oh-so-devoted fanboys.

Regis1839d ago

I have no problem with them playing either console it's the hardcore people who hate and expect them to stay loyal to the brand they make.

spicelicka1839d ago

Exactly Lol, they probably get together and laugh at the idiot fanboys and their blind brand loyalty crap.

iceman061839d ago

...while counting all of the money that this so called "console war" makes. Let's be honest, the "war" actually drives sales. Just like the phony PR war between Coca Cola and Pepsi...McDonalds and Burger King. It's all a way to drum up some excitement behind their products and drive sales. This is NOT a knock on them, or this tactic. I just wish more people would see that it's all about money. The way each company tries to get to your money might be different, but money is the end goal.

spicelicka1839d ago


well definitely agree with you there, that was gonna be my next point.

kenmid1839d ago

I'm remember Bill Gates Saying "If you don't know what the competition is doing that your always going to be behind" he's own a Ipad.

iceman061839d ago

I would be more worried if nobody at MS played Sony games....exactly for the reason that you stated. In order to compete, you have to have an intimate knowledge of the competition.

kenmid1839d ago

the point is that you gotta know what your competitor is doing wheather its Microsoft, Sony, Samsung it doesn't matter. It's not about coping..

4logpc1839d ago

He's a wouldn't he?