I Love Last Gen - Episode One

"I Love Last Gen turns our attention back to an era that put the wiggle in our Wii and unlocked achievements. [Gametrailers] work their way through the greatest virtual generation in the first of our five episode series covering some of the greatest franchises and events of the last generation!"

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Vojkan1840d ago

This gen was long and it lacked variety.
No JRPGs, nothing inovative. The fact that a lot of gamers loved Xcom because it was fresh, shows how little variety there was compared to PS2 and PS1.
I remember playing Dark Cloud 1 and Ring Of Red for weeks on my PS2. On PS3, shooter, shooter, shooter.....
Don't get me wrong I love Uncharted and TLOU and other big titles, but you probably notice, they ALL fall under same umbrella of gameplay style.

Lets hope Japanese devs get revived with PS4

DCfan1840d ago

The majority loved Shooters. AKA casuals.
The rest of us had to bend with them as well. I pretty much lost interest halfway through and turned into a niche gamer who only plays Niche Atlus, NISA titles and fighting games.