European PS Store update for 24th April

PS3 Attitude writes: "The big news is the CoD4 Variety Pack has arrived. The pack, which brings us four new multiplayer maps - Broadcast, Creek, Chinatown and Killhouse - appeared on the store (after a short delay - it wasn't there initially).

Speaking of CoD4, don't forget that this weekend is 'Double XP' weekend in CoD4, and Friday is 'play with the devs' day between 19:00 to 22:00 UK time and from 01:00 to 04:00 UK time on Saturday morning.

There is also a CoD4 v1.30 patch that is available now when you launch the game. The patch adds two new game modes that take advantage of the Variety Pack maps."

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Darkiewonder3887d ago

COD4 map pack is out in the UK psn store.

DolphGB3887d ago

Story updated.

The Variety Pack wasn't there initially, but has now appeared.

monks3887d ago

still way over priced so i will not be getting it £7 for some maps thats 2 ps1 games

far to high i dont mind paying for some good content but alot of games give away the maps for free ie the last Unreal pack

Mikelarry3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

7 pounds are they kidding me no way. hey does anyone know when its gonna be free?

@ the person that disagrees its cuz of ppl like you that makes them charge silly prices for things that arent worth it

Ghoul3887d ago


i bought the maps german psn
installed it and they game says i do not won the maps
i do have a uk import cod4

im trying again but if you have to own the local version they can ... my ...

Ghoul3887d ago

reinstalled STILL not working


Darkiewonder3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

ahh. now i have little hope now since i know they locked it from sharing as well. ;3 have to buy it twice.

EDIT: Nevermind. I can share it! WOOT!

Ghoul3887d ago

off course im locked in with the right acount i did nothing wrong,
but it seems the pack is region locked to the lokal version.

if so i want my money back and cod4 gets sold

Darkiewonder3887d ago

I'd contact IW first before Sony to see if they'll get the Map Pack to be region free in an update.

Ghoul3887d ago

contacted IW and sony

others are havong the same problem even with the lokal version.

NICE and thats why it took 2 MONTHS QA ????

Ghoul3887d ago

seriously why do i get disagrees ??

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AliC3887d ago

Looks like I'll be using the US store again already have all the demo's that are on offer here.

Fishy Fingers3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

£7, find that a little steep so I wont be buying. I've got MGO tomorrow (hopefully) and GTA next week, I doubt Id even find the time to play them (COD maps).

Should of released along side the 360, would of bought them then. Bet there's quite a few people thinking the same as me.

Britjadg3887d ago

starting to think i dont need to be on these forums. i agree with you on like everything LOL

Bordel_19003887d ago

Dl'ed it from the Norwegian PSN, works great. Back to playing CoD4. BTW, it cost 75 NOKS, 5 NOK= 1 US dollar, or 10 NOK = 1£ UK.

addic3887d ago

which version of the game do you use? us? uk? norwegian?

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The story is too old to be commented.