3 Companies That Died This Generation & Why You Should Care

With the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft hitting store shelves in several weeks, gamers will undoubtedly be seeing lists of the “top” games of this console generation. Many of their game franchises will continue to live on under new publishers and studios, but is that really a good thing for the games industry?

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Godmars2901781d ago

Hudson was middleware company which tried to exist in a non-middleware gaming cycle. Midway as well for the most part.

NYC_Gamer1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

THQ used to be one of the biggest third party publishers around until they made silly investments

Fluke_Skywalker1781d ago

One loss I mourned more than any others this gen was Sony Studio Liverpool (Psygnosis) WipEout is my favourite gaming series by a large margin. They were a hugely talented bunch and I think it was a wrong move by Sony :(

Godmars2901781d ago

And yet we're going to be seeing a Shadow of the Beast game. So it doesn't mean we wont see a new Wipeout.

Pogmathoin1781d ago

Psygnosis made awesome Amiga games...

SolidGear31781d ago

Dracula for Sega CD. Hard as hell! Played it in 1994!

Hazmat131781d ago

well always remember them, THQ holds a spacial place in my heart along with Midway. long live gaming.

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