Three Games The Single Players Should Look Out For In November

OnlySP: November is upon us, which means that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should be in the hands of millions of gamers around the globe within only a few short weeks. As such, this month is dominated by the launch titles of those new consoles. Strangely, only a very few of them make a strong case for the single players out there, but let us see what we can dig up. Without any further ado, the three games releasing in November that should most appeal to the single players.

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JediDiah1838d ago

The guy at IGN just seen Dead Rising 3 again and said "it's the launch title to beat" on Xbox.

SolidGear31838d ago

Even though I'm getting the PS4 first, I'll admit that DR3 looks pretty effing phenomenal.

unjust751832d ago

Really? I mean it looks good, but I'd imagine it gets boring after a few hours of play just like the others. Come on IGN no Killzone?