Ryse The Season Pass is all about the Multiplayer (Game)

On Nov. 22, prepare to step into the iconic Colosseum of ancient Rome in Ryse Son of Rome’s Gladiator mode and forge your destiny in blood and steel.

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Scatpants1840d ago

Multiplayer looks horrible

Flyingdog6701840d ago

Now now, it can't be that bad... we haven't seen much footage of it, so i think we should all wait and see.

Scatpants1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Not planning on getting this, but if it gets a 9.0 I'll pick it up. My prediction is a 7.5 or lower though.

shivvy241840d ago

I'm more interested with how the sp turns out

SilentNegotiator1840d ago

Even IGN called the MP "boring"

IGN staff could be entertained by a ball of yarn.

Dehnus1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Oy a voice of reason? How dare you try to foil his attempt to start a circle jerk! You sir should be sentenced to fry for that ;).

And no, not this fry: ;)

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Convas1840d ago

I've played it, and along with others, can agree that it is indeed NOT horrible.

Ketzicorn1840d ago

Well is it good? Average?

BABY-JEDI1840d ago

I think the SP will be excellent. But The MP looks very repetitive & the combat animations don't look very fluid with a lack different combat styles/techniques.

dodgeuk191840d ago

Still can't decide on this

dodgeuk191840d ago

Good shout the only thing is that now with Blockbusters going into administration ( I wont really have any where to rent. Online yes but never guaranteed to get the game on release

Boody-Bandit1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I purchase block busters only or games that have extremely high replay value for me like shooters and racers. Everything else I rent or purchase when they go on sale. Most games I rent thru gamefly I get on release day or the day after release day. They usually ship new games 2 days before they hit retail. Give them a shot. As long as you have it in your Q list a few weeks before the game is available you have a shot of getting it on or a day after release the release date.

JCOLE131951840d ago

I like the sound of customizing my gladiator and everything... I'm mostly looking forward to the Singleplayer though.

Nodoze1840d ago both this game and Forza are already pushing players to purchase DLC. Ridiculous.

DLC is almost always a ripoff. Rockstar has proven to be the only exception in this case.

GusBricker1840d ago

Almost every game pushes DLC/season passes now.

rdgneoz31840d ago

Not getting Ryse, Forza, or even an xbone, but R* with GTA V hasn't even been able to release any content they promised would come soon after release. Beach bum pack is still not out, stimulus hasn't even dropped when it said we'd get both by the end of Oct, and Heists doesn't even have an estimate as to when it will drop.

A few gifs on this page for Ryse MP...

Dehnus1840d ago

It's only if you want the multiplayer maps and basically get them instantly.

So for me personally that would be "bearable", I still dislike it though, as it splits the player base in two for multiplayer. But then DLC always feels like "Game not finished, pay more!" to me. Being a cynical old fart and all ;).

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The story is too old to be commented.