‘NBA 2K14’ senior game designer talks DualShock 4, PS4 and Xbox One preferences

2K Sports' Mike Wang has commented on the development team’s preferences in regards to the DualShock 4 controller as well as playing the PS4 and Xbox One

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PS4 preferable version confirmed :Mike Wang also disclosed that a few of his co-workers from the studio won’t play anything else other than the PS4. They won’t even touch the Xbox One.

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I just spat my whole soda at that name xD.

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That's his real name too!!! LOL

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Give developers what they want and they'll respond with great support

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Thanks for reiterating the article for us.

Still getting Xbox one. Watch all the disagrees I get. Lol

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"Thanks for reiterating the article for us."

agreed. Thanks.

"Still getting Xbox one."

Cool, that's your call.

"Watch all the disagrees I get. Lol"

Oh, you're looking for attention.

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@ curtis :

If your just going to have a conversation with yourself, why even type anything ?

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Wow, today I learned...

Mike Wang is brutally honest

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i definitely did not see that coming. figured hed give at least some praise to both

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Haha. I see what you did there. XD

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lol they shited on the x1

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The hits keep on coming .