Call of Duty: Ghosts – Crackers Find A Way To Bypass The Game’s 6GB RAM Requirement

DSOGaming writes: "And it only took crackers a couple of hours to unlock Call of Duty: Ghosts’ idiotic RAM requirement."

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GentlemenRUs1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Steam should have had an ADVANCED WARNING for people who wanted this game...

I hate CoD but people getting shafted like this need help... that's what I've been doing on the SPUF.

Definition on Minimum: http://www.thefreedictionar...
Definition on Absolute Minimum: Same definition as for the absolute maximum, only substitute the word ``minimum'' everywhere the word maximum occurs. Also substitute ``lawyer'' for ``police chief'' and (optionally, depending on your politics) ``politician'' for ``chief-of-staff''.

OrangePowerz1840d ago

Well Steam does post the system requirements on the games page when you go to buy a game.

GentlemenRUs1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

WATCH_DOGS requires 6GB RAM BUT people can run it under 6GB RAM.

So IW/Activision mucked up...

EDIT: It's fair to say that there are system requirements but the Absolute minimum is 2-3GB RAM.

JonahNL1840d ago

How 'bout those who didn't buy it on Steam?

OrangePowerz1840d ago


I`m not saying that it`s not BS that they make the artificial requirement of 6GB. Just that it does say that those are the requirements in regards to you wanting warning about it.


Every time I buy a retail PC game at GameStop they ask me at the till if I have read the system requirements and if I`m sure the game runs on my PC and places that sell the key only like greenmangaming state the system requirements as well. I can`t think of any place where I buy PC games (retail or digital) that don`t clearly state the requirements.

kB01840d ago

What does that even mean?

I honestly do not understand some comments, what do any of the two have to do with the situation.

Pick up a book. My god.

thereapersson1840d ago

I think what he is saying, is that Crackers (software hackers) are greater computer wizards than the ones who work at Activision.

Nocando1840d ago

Those cracker ass crackers!!

pwnsause_returns1840d ago

Lmaooooooooooooooooo activision you dirty pieces of crap.....

Sketchy_Galore1840d ago

Oh come on, there's no need for that kind of language. We're all annoyed but there's no need to bring their race into this.

Heisenburger1840d ago

Daaaaang baby's in a bad mood today isn't he?

I know life can be difficult. I can empathize with having a bad day. However if this is what you do, you must be miserable...

There are so many people ,here on the internet, who clearly have some emotional problems.

I'm here if you ever want to talk.

kB01840d ago

Funny how u sarcastically offer your friendly services and find insulting ways to be bigger d-bags.

That's ok though I'm actually fine, it just upsets me when IQs are so much lower than they should be:)

Didn't know monkeys learned to web browse.


Later sir;)

Heisenburger1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

You aren't fine brah...


You clearly are a miserable wretch. Such an inferiority complex. SO desperate for people too see you as great, you resort to this sadness.

You know in your heart that you are unhappy.

There are people who care about, and love you. I'm sure.

Just don't try to build your rotting foundation by attempting to tear down others.

kB01840d ago

Ahh I c, so your the innocent without any ego issues I'm guessing.

You throw a lot of words out with empty statements. I'm sure the BS you spew from your mouth was tolerated by your family, friends and others around you but I can tell you right now it doesn't work on many.

This fake wall of empty gestures only shows how pathetic you really are, trust me when I say this, the inferiority complex you've assumed to be seeing is merely a pathetic attempt at making yourself look a lot smarter than your words have meaning.

Better take a second look at the words you throw around and take sarcasm, the idiots language, and fit it in the same trash your crawling out of.

:) Trust me when I say this, get your shit straight, or no more bananas;)

Heisenburger1840d ago

Ah the ol' I'm rubber and you're glue argument.

You've got nothing. I'm afraid this conversation has run it's course.

Take it easy man.

kB01840d ago

If that's what your conclusion to my answer is then I feel sorry for you.

Pleasure fighting with you.

You have a nice day now.

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sweendog1840d ago

When will people stop playing this shit. Pushed down corridor after corridor to watch cut scenes! 'But its not about the single player'. Oh yeah i forgot. lets start a team battle, what tactics shall i use with my team? Game starts in 5..4..3..2..1. Everyone fucks off in different directions! This isnt team work. This is paint balling with quick scope! Im out

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