Monster Hunter Tops Two Million in Japan

Monster Hunter keeps on selling over in Japan. The latest milestone represents a first both for the series and for the PSP: double platinum.

Capcom announced today that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has crossed the two million mark in Japanese shipments. This is the first time the Monster Hunter series has reached this mark, and is also a first for a Japanese PSP title.

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eagle213883d ago

That was pretty quick. It might go on to sell 2.5 or even 3 million in it's lifetime. :)

Pain3883d ago

Me wonders if Capcon Regrets Making MH3 Now for the Lil old last gen Fad called the Wii~

-Graphics will be Meh~ even 360 can do beter gfx then the Wii....
-MH3 online for wiii Will be a HUGE mess.
-wii is Last gen so MH3 in a Hole will be nothing more then a beter looking PSP game.

but im not a gamer says bots im a fanboy..... mabey i hate seeing other make stupid choice's so i speak cuz i care >:

fact XBOX 360 is crap , seee i care dont make a bad choice kids.... who says i dont luv~

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