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Konami employee confirms no retail version for Ground Zeroes on XB1 and PS4, big announcement coming

It seems like Konami is not planning to release a retail version for the next gen consoles. However, there is a 'big announcement' coming soon. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update The big announcement will take place before this year’s Video Game Awards. So that means before December 6.

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Snookies12  +   752d ago
W-What? That's just weird.
xHeavYx  +   752d ago
I find that really hard to believe, especially thinking how big this game will be
rambi80  +   752d ago
Its the new way of dealing with the used games market.
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Lboogieskells  +   752d ago
IGN just confirmed, 30.00 USD for one mission.
camel_toad  +   752d ago
I do too. There's just no way that's possible...
mikeslemonade  +   752d ago
This is so Kojima.. Even though this is like done by Konami, I would not be suprised if Kojima did this. He's always done the unorthodox practice such as the the first multiple layer blu-ray game and then having you to install games by chapters.

I personally don't mind this, however it does suck a little because the games price will not drop as fast.
ohiostatesman  +   752d ago
It's fantastic this game is coming to Xbox One where I can play it. My system of choice.
SilentNegotiator  +   752d ago
I hope they don't mind having 1/10 of the sales if this is true.
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mikeslemonade  +   752d ago | Funny

MGSV coming to the Xbox one.. With a lower resolution. **ZING!**
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yellowgerbil  +   751d ago
this game will likely only have about 2 hrs of gameplay. It is basically a glorified demo.
Am expecting it to be like the snake portion of MGS2 in length, with as much cutscenes as there is gameplay.
digital makes sense
RumbleFish  +   751d ago
That would be the first MGS I don't buy. Sorry.
NukaCola  +   752d ago
No retail for a download title this massive seems odd. Maybe therr more than expected. Kojima loves trolling us.
seanpitt23  +   751d ago
My Internet would probably take weeks to download this game on psn so I hope it's not true.
joe90  +   752d ago
I'm not bothered about the whole download thing with any other game. It's just with MGS games i like to have the physical copy to go with my collection.

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0ut1awed  +   752d ago
Where is the original Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, or Subsistence? Just seems kind of odd that someone obsessed enough to want a physical copy of the next MGS just for their collection doesn't actually have a full collection.
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joe90  +   752d ago
Obsessed? Where did that come from?

I owned original subsistence and substance but was offered £55 for both at it's peak before the HD collection came out, Plus my PS3 doesn't play PS2 games so seemed like the right thing to do.

Anyway Why does it matter to you. I own the physical copy of them all don't i, Least my PS1 versions are not from the PSN store. Also i get to play them in HD, i could of emulated them on my PC and had them in HD but i wanted the HD collection in physical copy.
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0ut1awed  +   752d ago
Jeez no reason to get so defensive.

I simply thought it was odd.
GEO9875  +   752d ago
Agree with 0ut1awed, your collection is pretty lacking and you get too angry for just a minor thing.
Clarence  +   752d ago
I agree. I try to get all the art books as well.
THamm  +   752d ago
No LE, No collection
EeJLP-  +   752d ago
The best versions of each game isn't 'lacking'. There's no point in having the HD collection and the lesser quality PS2 versions that he wouldn't even be able to play.

I have basically the same.. physical MGS1 from the Essentials Collection, MGS HD Collection (2/3), MGS4. I just don't have tactical missions for PS1 and haven't found the urge to play Peace Walker yet.
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coolasj  +   752d ago
They want you to buy it twice for the collectors out there.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   751d ago
Exactly, Kojima wanting it or not, Konami won't pass the chance of making a LE or CE retail later on, and charge us 80 dollars... Which, sadly, I'll happily pay.
princejb134  +   752d ago
very weird
i rather get the game retail
so sorry konami no retail = no buy from me
Ps4Console  +   752d ago
Well that is downright wrong if they're going to start playing that trick because with the launch titles .
Sony has promised us more games so we can live without this game because all gamers stick together remember Dead Space ring a bell , there not going to stop the used market if they do that our great tradition of actually going to buy a game & chat to other gamers at the store will be over no way & that goes for all console gamers .
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zerocrossing  +   751d ago
Very weird :/ and pretty doubtful too.
90Supra  +   752d ago
...gotta be shittin' me
Benjammin25  +   752d ago
I'd imagine this game will have to be region of 50GB's to download. Do Konami think that everyone will be ok with this? My download limit a month is 30Gb. :(
deadfrag  +   752d ago
Ground Zeros is the prologue it will most likely be just one mission and it will not take 50gb.tHAN Phantom Pain is the actuall game that most likely will exced the 50gb,but will also release in disc!
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Soldierone  +   752d ago
If there really isn't then I'll be buying the PS3 version.
Sarcasm  +   752d ago
Wait what??????
Pillsbury1  +   752d ago
Digital for ps4 for me then because I need that high-def 60fps MGS, and I can stream it to my vita! Next gen is here :D
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IIZANGETSUII  +   752d ago
Wow that's just bullshit, really hoping for a retail version of this game
HappyWithOneBubble  +   752d ago
I wasn't expecting this.
pyramidshead  +   752d ago
100GB download confirmed.
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matrixman92  +   752d ago
does it really matter? i dont think I would want a full retail version of 1 mission that will probably take less than an hour to beat...hopefully it will be full of cutscenes

Edit: Everyone, this is NOT the phantom pain. It is it's prologue which will only be one mission long. This isnt that big of a deal
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porkChop  +   752d ago
It's not just one mission. Why would they go through the trouble of making a huge open world, features like calling in helicopters for extraction with custom music, etc, for only one mission? The game will be smaller than the main MGS5 game since GZ is a prologue, but it will still be at least a good 6-8 hours.
izumo_lee  +   752d ago
I think you are mistaking this for the actual mgs5 that is probably be the big news they will announce the release date for. This is the game that will be open world & all that jazz.

Phantom Pain is a downloadable game that sets up mgs5 I would gather. It's one mission long but for 30$ probably be only a couple hours.
izumo_lee  +   752d ago
I think you are mistaking this for the actual mgs5 that is probably be the big news they will announce the release date for. This is the game that will be open world & all that jazz.

Ground Zeroes is a downloadable game that sets up mgs5 I would gather. It's one mission long but for 30$ probably be only a couple hours.
matrixman92  +   752d ago
"Ground Zeroes consists of one mission - a Cuban rescue mission - that has been extensively demoed this year, including at Tokyo Game Show in September."

porkChop  +   752d ago
WTF? Really? When they originally announced Ground Zeroes, before TPP was announced, GZ was said to be a huge game and that in-between missions you could do a bunch of stuff like call in for helicopter extraction for example. I'm guessing they ripped all that content out for MGS5: TPP.

If Kojima thinks I'll pay $20 for one mission he can fuck right off.
despair  +   751d ago
Its almost certainly not going to be 1 hour, technically MGS2 was 2 missions for the entire game but it didn't last 2 hours did it? Plus they said it would have side missions and probably a fair amount of replayability.

My guess its about 10-12 hours long including cutscenes and flexible by a couple hours in either direction. At least that's what I hope for, 30 bucks is not worth a short prologue.
matrixman92  +   751d ago
the tanker mission could easily be beaten in about an hour in mgs2...im expecting this to be similar to that...I think you are getting this confused with the Phantom Pain.
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despair  +   751d ago
Yea but the rig mission was the rest of the game, and no I'm not mistaking one for the other. You assume one mission(and side missions) means anything more than one location. It might be a giant complex with island exploration multi tiered mission structure with quite a number of side missions that could potentially take dozens of hours to beat, but realistically be minimum 6-8 hours in length.

They will get huge backlash for a 30 dollar game that it's one hour long. And I think it will be a decent length prologue that will be worth the price.
dansdooz  +   752d ago
Ground zeroes 720p on xb1 incoming!
Back-to-Back  +   752d ago
"but but... its upscaled to 1080p"

In my best Aaron Greenburg voice.
MasterCornholio  +   752d ago
Yeah silly didn't you know that 1080P= 720p



Nexus 7 2013
kickerz  +   752d ago
Will be downloading that game straight into my xb1 :)
listenkids  +   752d ago
Kojima and everyone involved are doing everything they possibly could wrong. No one wants to pay £20 for a demo, we did that for MGS2 but got a solid game in ZoE for it, then there's the whole boycotting Hayter and so on.
Akuma2K  +   752d ago
If its a digital copy instead of physical for the PS4 version i'm cool with that, even with it being just the prologue i'm cool with that too i'm just ready to play the next chapter of the Metal Gear series in next gen.....bring it on.
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nirwanda  +   752d ago
Reading the article it makes it sound like metal gear is going to be episodic.
Doesn't make much sense for an open world game unless its included with the new mgs as a prologue.
Nyxus  +   752d ago
There are going to be two parts: GZ and TPP. The latter one is a huge open world game, the first one the prologue to this game.
nirwanda  +   752d ago
If they have decided that the prologue is important to the main story them they may bung it all on one disk or even maybe make it like a preorder dlc rather than have a disjointed story.
LEOPARD1030  +   752d ago
LOL Konami wants to sell games divided per chapter. This is weird.
ZBlacktt  +   752d ago
Because it's not going to be ready and he is making it up as he goes. Again, should have stopped at MGS4 like he said he was. Now it just some game and some missions of randomness.
ziggurcat  +   752d ago
... but... isn't it coming out for xbone/PS4?
Dlacy13g  +   752d ago
So basically "Ground Zeros" is going to be some kind of prequel game released to the online stores only for $30 and then Metal Gear Solid 5 will come later at full retail. Could be a smart move and a way for them to milk an extra $30 out of the fan base by keeping it separate from MGS5.
Ares84HU  +   752d ago
Well, they just lost a sale than.
cyberninja  +   752d ago
No physical copy means no buy for me.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   752d ago
It's going to be a back story to phantom pain 1-2hours long
thehitman  +   752d ago
Maybe it will come on the same disc as phantom pain instead since both next-gen consoles have blu-ray.
azshorty2003  +   752d ago
Thats exactly what popped in my head as soon as I read his comment. He didnt Deny anything. He just redirected. Im thinking nextgen will get the complete game first.

It makes sense. its a way to push people to nextgen without alienating previous gen gamers holding out.
mydyingparadiselost  +   752d ago
First Killer Instinct is said to be sold in 2 $40 sets and now this MGS thing with a prologue for $30 and then the full game later for however much cash.... next gen pricing schemes are starting to look like robbery.
Dlacy13g  +   752d ago
I am not sure about "robbery". I mean last gen we saw the PS3 get GT5 Prologue and then come out with GT5 later. I think Prologue was $40 (maybe $20...cant recall) and the full retail game that came out later was $60. So we have seen stuff like this before. I just hope publishers / developers can carve out a market for tier 2 games ...not AAA level but more than just a downloadable title for $30-$40. I am tired of seeing all games either $10/$15 or $60. We have no middle ground pricing at all and we should.
mydyingparadiselost  +   752d ago
Before the beginning of this gen there were experiments with pricing games for $60 instead of $50. Games like Doom 3 on the Xbox were $60 instead of $50 but came with extra content, like a making of DVD. Those were tests to see if people would pay $10 more dollars for a game and the results were good enough that all games wound up being $60 since people were more than willing to pay the price. Now, at the end of this gen, we've seen 'episodic' games, the Season Pass, the online pass, microtransactions and more. I think the same thing is happening as before. Companies are experimenting with various business models in the attempt to find ways to make our costs higher or to split up content in attempts to make more money off of the same amount of content.

I think the $30 to $40 dollar option you talk about is coming but I doubt we'll see that happen from many, if any at all, AAA companies. Indie dev teams will grow in size and start offering a middle ground solution for the most part, while a few AAA devs will use things like the UbiArt engine to lower costs and maybe sell at a lower price point. Also we do have that $30 to $40 price point now and is used games and almost anything outside of a Nintendo game that has been on shelves for more than 4 months. This is the area that's probably going to be in flux more than any other with the coming generation.
TomahawkX  +   752d ago
For people saying it's just 1 mission, well MGS1 was basically just 1 mission, infiltrate Shadow Moses and stop Metal Gear. Also there are suppose to be many side missions in GZ just like any other open-world game.
jay2  +   752d ago
PS3 for me then with my piece of shit as a 1.5MB connection :@.
Campy da Camper  +   752d ago
Can't you just go to library and download it to a flash drive? Or Kinkos? Honest question.
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Hassassin  +   752d ago
big announcement = PC version??? (one can wish)
Dante81  +   751d ago
Since it's digital-only. Might as well.
Inception  +   752d ago
I'm not like some fans who can't tolerate Kojima / Konami for replacing David Hayter or put regenerative health & bullet time in MGS V and refuse to buy the game.

But this...this...make me worry and sad in the same time. My hype metre for MGS V also going down a couple of notch. I hope Kojima / Konami not doing this again for the next MGS :(
JasonKCK  +   752d ago
Eventually everything will go digital like Steam.
Neo-Axl  +   751d ago
I damned well hope not, physical copies are the way ahead. I download short demos, not full on games, just doesn't sit right with me.
Aleithian  +   752d ago
I'll wait for more information before passing judgment. Kojima's earned my patience.
Campy da Camper  +   752d ago
Me too. Honestly, I'd rather pass on GZ for now if a retail collectors addition comes out later with both games on it. It will kill me to wait but not as much as playing a couple hours then having nothing but the wait for months.
Lowsnamebrand  +   751d ago
Agreed if I have to download it I will, I've been a huge MGS fan since MGS1 and I'm not missing this game
Aleithian  +   751d ago
I will download it happily in principle. Love the series and am happy to support it. But I want to hold off for the "big news" and for a possible GotY edition packed with TPP. I'm in no rush for this one. I just want to know whether the conspiracy theory about the main character is correct.
deadfrag  +   752d ago
Rip off!One mission $29.99 PS4 and X1 digital or $19.99 PS3 xbox 360 retail disc;rip off in a big way!Konami dont release games and try to rip MGS fans thats it,theres no excuse for this kind of price tag.
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