Albert Penello: Lots of cool apps coming To Xbox One, Sorry Can't Leak Them

A twitter user had asked Albert Penello to leak some cool apps, in respond Penello said that he could leak what apps will be out but he said that " lots of cool apps are coming. " Here is the tweet:

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Hatsune-Miku1868d ago ShowReplies(2)
Belking1868d ago

xb1 is gonna be so fun. So much cool stuff coming.

Agent11868d ago

It must be very hard for you to communicate with 1 bubble! lol I'm curious about what these apps can be as well. Hope they are good!

christocolus1868d ago

i cant wait to see what these apps are? i sure hope they are innovative?...and it would be awesome if each game had its own unique app

Brute_Shot_Adam1868d ago

The apps in the UK suck. Netflix is the only one I'd use. I am kinda interested in some "new" apps though.

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