No Operations Mode In Killzone: Shadow Fall

Games Thirst: The most played, most promising mode of the Killzone franchise won’t be included in Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerrilla Games Steven ter Heide told us via twitter today.

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allformats1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I am very disappointed about this, to be honest. I'm still buying the game, but Operations was my favorite mode! Hopefully the "create your own warzone" feature pays off.

fenome1661d ago

Operations was a blast!

allformats1661d ago

My favorite game mode in KZ3.

fenome1661d ago

Same here, Killzone 3 was the first online multiplayer that I ever even tried. I'm kinda old-school and just never really put much stock into it until I started playing that and I was utterly hooked.

GTgamer1661d ago

No operations thats old news tbh but still dissapointing.

jukins1661d ago

yea was def the best part of kz3 multiplayer i had hoped they would offer a more fleshed out and dynamic operations for kz3 but oh well still gonna get shadow falls.

KUV19771661d ago

Operations was good but I still prefered Warzones.

fenome1661d ago

Warzones is really fun too

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Mills931661d ago

Didn't really play much of KZ online mainly stuck to campaign so never played it though it always makes me wonder when Devs take out the "best" gamemodes

COD:G doesn't have S&D, GOW:J didn't have Execution (In all fairness the people that made gears what it was had left)It's like Dice ditching Conquest in BF

Naga1661d ago

I don't think that was a very satisfactory explanation for such an important exclusion.

dcj05241661d ago

That seriously sucks. I really hope tgey add that in a content patch!

s1lentone1661d ago

/Rage!!... game still looks awesome. still hyped for KZ:SF.
Why cant nov 15 be today? :(

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The story is too old to be commented.