You don’t NEED to buy a game on PS4 to play games at launch

"The PlayStation 4 is the first console to launch where early adopters don’t need to buy a single game at retail to play games on the system" - PS4Daily

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HyperBear1659d ago

And that's One* of the many excellent reason's why I'm getting a PS4 in 11 Days :D

nevin11659d ago

Not that I'm complaining, but whats with all the free to play games lately?

On PS3, I downloaded,

Dead Or Alive
Dust 54

MasterCornholio1659d ago

That has to be due to Sonys flexible policies with PSN.

Nexus 7 2013

MasterCornholio1659d ago

I was planning on doing that but AC4 looked to good to pass up.

Nexus 7 2013

The_Truth_24_71659d ago

I'll be playing DC Universe Online day 1.

patsrule3161659d ago

I was planning on doing the same, but the target sale is too good to pass up. I'll get AC4, Need for Speed, and Lego Marvel (for my son).

Incidentally, (unless my memory is completely playing tricks on me) the Atari 2600 came with Combat, which had a whole mess of different games in it.

sic_chops1659d ago

Somebody else who remembers the atari. OG's right here.

JRH77831659d ago

My son seems amazed when he can't beat me in video games. I tell him all the time "Son, i've been gaming since an Atari."