GTA Online DLC Coming This Month? Yeah, Right ...

Rockstar says the stimulus money and new DLC are coming this month. But can we really believe that?

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Aleithian1839d ago

Don't care. Selling the game. Online's boring.

Sketchy_Galore1839d ago

I agree the online is boring but I think it's only flaw is that it relies on people to play well together and create interesting experiences for themselves. It's just let down by the fact that people by and large are just awful. I'm sure it could be great if you have actual real friends to play with but every time I get on there with strangers I usually just leave five minutes later depressed about the state of humanity.

It makes me wonder why almost every online experience I have had with Littlebigplanet has been great and why I usually don't want to kill every human on Earth after playing Left 4 dead at least half the time. I wonder if it's the structure and lack of freedom to control (and thus ruin) the experience that a game like Left 4 dead provides or if its the strict behaviour and decency control of the Littlebigplanet community. I think a large part of it could be that those two games are lesser known among non-gamers so attract people serious about the experience rather than an iconic pop culture name like GTA or COD that attracts billions of ignorant asses that just want to do the popular thing.

GentlemenRUs1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Not touched the game since the 2nd week of the online launch, This game just feels boring...

Though I ordered it digitally so I'm stuffed...

Arty841839d ago

Personally ive been just forcing myself to keep playing online but so many different things have happened with the online portion its not even worth it

character level, weapon, vehicle and cash exploits killed the online mp

starting up at lvl 1 when everybody else is lvl l00+ with jets and choppers as their spawn vehicle and the all the perks and endless cash to use isn't very fun Rockstar should of just dished out a complete restart keeping the characters only

thricetold1839d ago

Always baffles me when people get bored with a game that allows you to do almost anything you can imagine, provided you have some type of imagination. Some people need to be told how to have fun, others can figure it out for themselves I guess.