Can Call of Duty: Ghosts Bring Back Innovation?

It's been a long time since people have confidently said that Call of Duty innovated the FPS genre. Can its 2013 release turn things around for the better in light of new competition?

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GreenRanger1869d ago

It can bring FINnovation! Ha Ha Ha! Get it?! I said "FIN" because fish have fins, and the next COD has fish in it...and uh....yeah...

MiHX21868d ago

PINofavtion. Because of the PINGAS.

FunkMacNasty1868d ago

It could. But it won't.

I believe that The developers have the talent and creativity to do something different, but their publisher, Activision, knows that taking risks means CoD could lose it's momentum with the mainstream players.

Sadly, hardcore gamers are the only ones crying for CoD to either die out or change. Since hardcore's probably make up one slice of the pie, Acti's gonna make sure we're ignored, because CoD as it is... is selling like crack in a halfway house