Valve Releases Even More Pictures

Valve has released more pictures of its prototype Steam Machine.

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-Foxtrot1840d ago

If it's pretty small that could look quite nice, good looking prototype but horrible controller. No way I'll ever get used to that. Analogue sticks all the way man

hennessey861840d ago

analogue sticks were being introduced, people reacted in the same you are...........

-Foxtrot1840d ago

I remember when they were introduced aswell and I don't remember that at all...

sofocado1840d ago

LOL I do remember. In fact I stop playing video games, I did not like it. Then a friend told me to take his Xbox 360 for a week, after that I bought one, and recently I build myself a pc for gaming. I want to try this new controller and also want to try this Steam OS.

nukeitall1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I remember disliking the analogue stick on the N64, and never really got used to it again until the original Xbox.

People always resist change even when it is clearly better. Like sheep they have to see the benefits and then take their time to get used to it.

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thricetold1839d ago

There is NOTHING in my post that states one or the other is acceptable. Anyone can have an opinion foxxy, but it's those that know what they are talking about from firsthand knowledge that is respected.

Funny you got offended though, are you guilty of spouting bs without hands-on knowledge?

weirdo1840d ago

i think valve have created something beautiful

nukeitall1840d ago

I know, it looks like a hybrid Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii with PC like connectivity in the back.

For some reason it doesn't say exquisite like Xbox One or PS4 though.

That said, the real question is what the heck is the SteamBox? I still don't understand what it really is.

sweendog1840d ago

I dont get this machine. As far as I know P.C gamers are happy crouched over their machine in the moter bike position with mouse and keyboard. Console gamers are happy with a purpose built machine that you dont have to mess around with. Who is the demographic?

kcuthbertson1840d ago

It merges the two. Someone who was maybe intimidated to build a PC from complete scratch should definitely be interested in this.

I love PC and console gaming and it definitely appeals to me.

sweendog1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Thanks for answering my question. Yeah I have often wished with each generation that they would just give me a new card to replace. But im not sure it will be that simple on the steam machine once all the variables come out and having to read the back of a games box to figure out if your rig will play it doesnt sit right with me.

My main problem with this is that it may fall into the 3DO catogary as people wont know what to get as their are different manufacturers and may just say 'at least i know what im getting with Sony/MS'. And the controller is going to throw people off. Google the Atari Jaguar controller. Its not that weird now but back then it was too much of a step in a different direction.

Dont get me wrong I like new ways to play im just not sold yet

ABizzel11840d ago


I agree that's the intended target, but if those console gamers looking at PC are turned off by a $500 XBO (besides the core), what are they going to do with a Steambox that likely ranges from $500 - $1,000.

I think it looks great, Steam OS is a great idea, and all the components are there to make it successful (the big 3 are on shaky grounds, Nintendo Wii U in trouble, XBO has poor media acceptance, Sony's seeing financial problems). I just don't think there's an audience there for Steambox, and the one that is there is very niche.

Anomander1840d ago

The beauty of this machine is you can use it in the Living room if you like, or back in the office.

All indications of controller is that it is easy to figure out and use in about 15-30 minutes. If you don't want to use it, then don't, plug in a 360 controller if that is your cup of tea, or a mouse and keyboard. There are plenty of USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) on it to use.

I'm totally thinking about getting one and will be curious as to how much the high end machines will run. The fact that they put a Nividi GTX 780 in that enclosure and can keep it pretty cool is sounding like an awesome machine.

AD7051840d ago

I've been playing my pc games on my tv in my bed for years using any controller I want. I don't get why everyone thinks that pc gaming requires being hunched over a monitor with a mouse and keyboard? PC can use controllers and TV's just like consoles.

sweendog1840d ago

My bad I was just putting us into two types. But as you said you have been playing pc games on a T.V for years. Are you going to buy a steam box? Im not at the moment I just see it as an expensive console that has been and gone before (3DO, NEO-GEO) both more powerful than consoles of that time

DeadlyFire1840d ago

I agree and vice versa. My Console is hooked up to a monitor and speakers with NO TV. :)

kwyjibo1840d ago

It looks quite good, and I could see it sitting under a TV.

But these pictures are of an extremely limited set of test devices, I'm wary that the third party models won't look anywhere near as polished.

Anomander1840d ago

My guess is Valve will have a set standard of requirements. Enclosure should be pretty standard only the parts inside will change and most likely the CPU and the GPU. I imagine Valve wants this to work and will make sure the vendors are on board with their plans. January 2014 CES will be interesting indeed.

Hazmat131840d ago

well on Inside Gaming having that beast with a GTX Titan its gonna be expensive well that model at least. still not gonna the steam machine I'm gonna keep my eyes on. it tickles my fancy in a way i thought only my bathing suit can.

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