EA: "We don't want to be viewed as the worst company in America"

EA boss Andrew Wilson and games label head Patrick Soderlund discuss the company's need to put the consumer ahead of short-term financials

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iamnsuperman1868d ago

Easily fixed EA but your recent moves have shown little to counter the feedback. Seriously your sports games are like day light robbery and the attitude to your other games is appalling

SnakeCQC1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Seriously!! they are far from the worst company in america!!

To anyone that disputes this, have you been under a rock for the last decade??? goldman sachs and other financial sector investment firms who intentionally wrecked the global economy? or black water with all the war crimes they commit in the middle east(so many leaks of horrendous attrocities)? I can keep on going but people concentrate on a gaming company for minute things in the grand scheme of things.

zeee1868d ago

^ Ermmm... No. Not really.

iamnsuperman1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

That isn't the point (it doesn't matter in this context) as they keep getting voted as it for what they are doing now. All I was saying is it is easily fixed but they have shown little signs of change (which is what they need to do to avoid the title).

bradfh1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I say Activision is very close to the same as EA for the The Worst Company in america. Activision makes poor and greedy decisions all the time. They never cares about the gamer only the money.

pompombrum1868d ago

iamnsuperman is correct, they're making almost no effort to change.

I mean just look at the bold part at the start of the article:

"EA boss Andrew Wilson and games label head Patrick Soderlund discuss the company's need to put the consumer ahead of short-term financials"

Can anyone honestly read that and take it seriously without laughing? EA are the most anti consumer game company out of all the major names.

Are they the worst company in America? No, but I'm still going to vote for them next year simply because it offers me another way to vent my frustrations at all the crap they pull.

thorstein1868d ago

Absolutely! Spot on Erudito. "Worst Company?" How ignorant the people of America are kept. Honeywell Corporation was responsible for some of the worst polluting ever known in this country. Walmart costs every community in which it puts its gargantuan stores millions of dollars a year in taxpayer subsidies. There are so, so many disgusting companies. EA?

Did I miss some news story about human rights abuses by EA? If so, please share this with me so I may be better informed.

Perjoss1868d ago

Worst company in America? I dunno, but from a gamers perspective I don't really have a problem with them. One thing that annoys me a little is how they are making a few of their top games require Origin to work. I don't want to have to launch a different online service depending on which publisher the game belongs to.

Apart from that I quite like EA.

Elimin81868d ago

It's ok.. You're bad but Gamestop is worse!

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zeee1868d ago

"We don't want to be viewed as the worst company in America"

They should add: "Yeah but we ain't gonna do sh** about it either!"

Face it EA. You were, you ARE and you'll most likely remain the worst company in USA.

dcj05241868d ago

They should be the worst GAMING company in America. NOT WORST. Thats just stupid.

zeee1868d ago

No that's what I meant. A video game company of course.

Tommykrem1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

So don't buy them! (Well, maybe you don't, but people buy them with joy)

We're talking about the title "Worst Company in America" here. Does people know how many terrible companies that make "We won't use online passes (unlike everybody else) and also we take chances on games Activision tries to stop" - EA look like Amnesty International.

This article makes the point nicely:

linkenski1868d ago

Wasn't that poll in the consumer internet based? I'd argue there's a large majority of gamers on the internet, so I've always doubted the quality of that poll, but IDK.

I think EA has done a fair amount to at least make their attitude seem nicer towards gamers lately, especially with them shutting down online passes.

But I agree, it seems they keep making their developers half-ass their products, worst of all, Bioware, who's been suffering a lot from negative feedback lately, since DAII and ME3. I hope they can catch the wind again at some point, but DAIII looks pretty meh to me, and I just have a feeling EA will make them half-ass it.

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OrangePowerz1868d ago

Tough luck, maybe stop making the same FIFA version for Vita with only updated kits and squads and no changes in graphics or gameplay at all?

s8anicslayer1868d ago

How about to stop selling their arse to the highest bidder and focus more on delivering quality bug free games.

OrangePowerz1868d ago

That as well, or their BS about why SimCity needs to be online, micro transaction, turning Mass Effect into an action shooter and so on and so on.

kingxtreme811868d ago

Anyone who votes EA the worst company in America really needs to pay attention to what's going in the real world.

NoLongerHereCBA1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Could't agree more. Voting a gaming company as the worst just seems weird. I really don't understand peoples priorities.

pompombrum1868d ago

I'm sure 99.99% of votes (including myself) are well aware that EA aren't the worst company in America. How deserving of the title is irrelevant, what is relevant is that it clearly bothers them and does a fantastic job of raising awareness to all the crap they pull on gamers. They are the epitome of greed and have never been shy to openly display this either.

rainslacker1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

To be fair, the other companies on that poll don't give a damn about being the worst company in america because they deal in much bigger markets than the mind share of the common consumer.

You think the people at Goldman sachs don't know what people or the media is saying about them? Of course they do. You think they care so long as they can make a few billion dollars in a second? Of course they don't.

At least with EA, it caught their attention, and if they're being sincere in wanting to do better I say they should go for it. If they achieve it, it'll make gamers happy. If they don't, then things will be as they always have.

In the end, what the guy said in this article is about as true as it gets. It doesn't really matter if they are the worst company in the world, what matters is how people perceive them. Those people are their customers as well, and all they are talking about is making products and providing services that people actually want. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but remain skeptical until they actually prove it.

EL Lanf1868d ago

There are plenty of other publishers just as bad, although I guess hating on Activision kinda died off? I still doubt they're really the worst company in the US.

franko1868d ago

You are not "viewed", you ARE the worst company. In the world.

kingxtreme811868d ago

No, they're not.

If you think EA is the worst game company out there, I can understand that (even if I don't agree).

But saying they are the worst overall company in America is absolutely ridiculous and, frankly, shows you have no understanding of what goes on in the real world.

Activemessiah1868d ago

No, you misunderstood him, the reason why they are the worst is because they won the award for it.... twice in a row.

ConsoleHQ1868d ago

They publish and make video games.
If you say they are literally the worst company in the world, you honestly need to grow up.

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