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Killzone: Shadow Fall - "The Oath" Commercial

Sony just released a brand new commercial of the upcoming game Killzone: Shadow Fall. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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-Foxtrot  +   753d ago
Why don't ads for TV not show actual gameplay, to make people go "HOLY CRAP....I want that" instead of "Wonder what that's like"

I remember when Skyrim did it and then well after launch they did a gameplay one which made it look much better.

Seriously I never understand the big deal with live action ads for games.
Septic  +   753d ago
Yeah I get what you mean.

But this one did look great and got me hyped so job done I guess.

I want to play as the Helghast in the story!
-Foxtrot  +   753d ago
Oh I'm not saying they don't look great, they do but it hypes us up more because we know what it is and what the gameplay is actually like. Not everyone is like that though, they will just wonder what the actual game is like not, as I've said, go "THAT LOOKS AMAZING...I WANT THAT". As I said above if you take the Skyrim live action ad for example it was just him walking up to a CGI dragon bracing himself for a fight, it never showed you if it was an RPG, FPS, TPS, what the gameplay elements are like, how it looks etc. It was basicaly a game with a dragons in it, thats the impression it gave off

It just seems like a lot of money to spend on advertising when mostly only gamers are going to fully appreciate it.
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Conzul  +   753d ago
They should show that High Bitrate MP video instead.

Repeat commercial again and again and laugh later as sales go through the roof
iDadio  +   753d ago
They could show gameplay I agree but I guess its just how its done nowadays.
Not like Sony could get caught out advertising the game for their console but the game play is running on PC...ahem
ANIALATOR136  +   752d ago
felt cheesy as fudge to me
LEOPARD1030  +   752d ago
This is still possible my friend

"Guerrilla Games has strongly hinted that you will be able to play missions as the Helghans."

Source Gamespot


I hate the ISA.
ShinMaster  +   752d ago
This get's you hyped if you already know what the game is.

But to the public that don't, they don't know if this is a Third-person shooter, an RPG or an FPS.
iamnsuperman  +   753d ago
It is the big thing now. Same with CGI trailers (but they are really used to make a game look better). It is a shame as I prefer gameplay trailers. On the other hand it is easier to set the mood and theme of the trailer that is live action or CGI as everything is from scratch and not finding scenes that will fit in a good trailer (harder for games than films)
-Foxtrot  +   753d ago
I like gameplay trailers because sometimes you get new footage you might of missed and for people who don't know about the game or are un sure on it will then know what to expect

The best gameplay trailer I've seen on TV was the Uncharted 3 one. I've seen shorter ones but I'm not sure if the full length launch trailer was shown on TV. The fact it's styled as a movie trailer makes it even better.

staticdash22  +   753d ago
There's already enough gameplay out there for people to see. You also want people to go into the game with a fresh experience too. This is more of a backstory if you will, giving the universe more depth. Microsoft does it all the time with Halo.

It's fine by me, I'm just ready to play.
-Foxtrot  +   753d ago
"There's already enough gameplay out there for people to see"

As I've just said above the only people who will of seen the footage is you, me and others who are on sites like this one all the time...however to the average consumer who is out of the loop shall we say might not of seen it or seen much of it.

"Microsoft does it all the time with Halo."

Lets be honest though, Halo sells a ton of copies anyway because the brand/name alone so as soon as the general TV audience see's a live action Halo trailer they know what it is and what it's about etc.

I'm not saying Killzone is crap or anything so please don't think I am...I'm just trying to talk about how more known something like Halo is, how more mainstream it is. COD, Halo, Fifa, Madden, Battlefield etc you know what to expect. Since we are talking about TV commercial we have to think about the general consumer.....not us who are on sites like this one who have been following this game since Day 1
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LOGICWINS  +   752d ago
Foxtrot is spot on. Too many people on this site delude themselves into believing that Killzone even comes CLOSE to the popularity of a COD, Halo, or Battlefield.

Even as an informed gamer, Ive seen very little single player footage of the game. And the multiplayer Ive seen (while looking very smooth) doesnt provide the same level of excitement as a building collapsing mid match in BF4. Its very clear why every BF4 commercial has been ALL gameplay and Killzone is all CGI. The gameplay just doesnt LOOK all that exciting.

This is why Im holding out two years to step into next-gen. The most impressive games Ive seen are multiplatform (BF4, Watch Dogs, EA UFC, and The Witcher 3).

Im waiting for one of these first party studios to blow me away.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   752d ago
***"Its very clear why every BF4 commercial has been ALL gameplay and Killzone is all CGI. The gameplay just doesnt LOOK all that exciting."***

Doesn't look exciting? Says who? They should definitely show gameplay.


These gifs alone are far more exciting than the over dramatic "CGI" trailer shown here. I don't think the average consumer would find trouble being excited after seeing those gifs. The entire commercial doesn't have be pure gameplay, but bits of it can be shown at least.
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LOGICWINS  +   752d ago
^^What you have just shown me is more exciting than anything that I've seen from the game thus far. Sony still doesn't know how to market their games to the masses.

Uncharted is supposedly the defining franchise of this gen...yet only five million copies have been sold out of 80 million+ PS3 owners.

Its all a matter of perception. If I get Shadowfall in my hands, I'm sure I will like it because I'm a fan of the franchise. HOWEVER, Battlefield 4 has been presented to me in a better fashion. Hence, it will look better to me.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   753d ago
thats what i was thinking wheres the gameplay..

how are ppl suppose to know what they will be buying
LOGICWINS  +   752d ago
If your planning on making a $60 investment in a game, chances are you will take the time to search "Killzone: Shadowfall gameplay" on Youtube and watch a few video reviews....if your smart.

As I stated below, many people out there don't do this.
LOGICWINS  +   752d ago
"Why don't ads for TV not show actual gameplay, to make people go "HOLY CRAP....I want that" instead of "Wonder what that's like"

Because the majority of people (casuals) are stupid enough to believe that this is actual gameplay and will buy it on the pretense that the gameplay will look identical to what they saw on the commercial. I guarantee you that there are still people out there who believe that the gameplay that they see in BF4 commercials is what they will experience on CURRENT-GEN consoles.

Its a smart tactic to gain sales from people who don't know any better.
Omran  +   753d ago
Next Gen Graphics xD
mushroomwig  +   753d ago
So this explains the 'taketheoath' domain name that was reported a while ago.
azshorty2003  +   752d ago
I was curious what that was about. Because I thought I had already taken the oath the moment after their E3 conference ended, when I jumped on Amazon and Mashed the f5 button until the preorder button appeared and completed my order in less then 2 minutes.
BABY-JEDI  +   752d ago
I prefer the KZ bullet physics advert with the slo-mo & classical music. Now that was class.
MidnytRain  +   752d ago
"Ballet of Death" right? That was beautiful.

MacTastic  +   752d ago
Okay I pre ordered this game but if I was wondering what to pick up for my ps4 this commercial would not do it for me. Just a horrible commercial.
LOGICWINS  +   752d ago
If your the type of person that needs a TV commercial to figure out which game your going to buy, that tells me your very ill informed if in November you STILL don't know what game you want for a console that you will spend $400+ on. If thats the case, I doubt this person would have pre-ordered a PS4.

If you can't make up your mind on a $60 purchase, how can you do so with a $400 purchase?
cpayne93  +   752d ago
Thought it was pretty good myself.
PS3n360  +   752d ago
I agree. That was completely emotionless. People in the middle of a flight for their lives and they looked bored? The voice over was terrible and robotic. Seriously that did nothing for me. Nothing against the games but Sony ads are terrible. They need to get better marketing consultants for sure. Good thing the games speak for themselves.
fenome  +   752d ago
I was wondering why Sony would buy TakeTheOath.com, wonder if it's connected to this.

Destrania  +   752d ago
Maybe, but there isn't a link to that site on the commercial. So idk.
fenome  +   752d ago
Yeah, it might be a reach, it seems odd that they'd purchase that domain name and then name this commercial The Oath..
TheFallenAngel  +   752d ago
They need to show some game footage of online play. Show people this could be their next purchase instead of battlefield or cod.
felidae  +   752d ago
now that was cheesy.

they should do cgi trailers like before! this is not killzone!
ANIALATOR136  +   752d ago
i agree awfully cheesy
ELCUCO  +   752d ago
This makes me want the Killzone movie!
Destrania  +   752d ago
Damn, got lots of chills from that. Only a little over a week left. Can't believe it's really almost here!
moodymofo  +   752d ago
omg . those graphics are amazing
s1lentone  +   752d ago
OMG WoW that just hyped me up like crazy. KZ:SF looks awesome cant wait till i get my PS4.
LEOPARD1030  +   752d ago
This game is amazing, the art is excellent, the last video is stunning 60 FPS and 1080p, but I have a serious problem: I don't want to play like ISA.

I hate the ISA !

For this reason I haven't bought the game, however in the past days I found an article:

"Guerrilla Games has strongly hinted that you will be able to play missions as the Helghans."


If this is true, I'll buy the game, because looks incredible.

Also if GG could release a DLC killing rico, then I'll pay gladly for it.
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cell989  +   752d ago
I wish they added actual gameplay, show off what you got, yeah cool stuff using actual live actors, but show gameplay as well, People that dont know what KZSF is wont even know this is a shooter, hell they wont even know this is a videogame
MultiConsoleGamer  +   752d ago
TristanPR77  +   752d ago
True next graphics. I'm getting it on day one.

Nexus 7 2013
Dlacy13g  +   752d ago
The commercial was just OK. Live action videogame commercials are tricky to pull off and this one definitely didn't impress but its not the worst of the lot either.
mochachino  +   752d ago
Tried to do Halo and didn't quite create an epic feeling. Maybe other commercials along the same vein will get that feeling across. Wasn't very impressed with this. Was much more impressed with Killzone 2 commercial.

I hope Killzone develops a major character this time, because that's the only thing lacking in the series.
SkippyPaccino  +   752d ago
Sounds exactly like the verbal contract I had to do when I bought my last car...

Oldman100  +   752d ago
Gonna be honest here.

If I was an average joe sitting at home watching tv and this came on I'd be like "Dafuq was that?!". Then I would instantly forget about it and proceed to carry on with life.

If it was a gameplay trailer on the other hand I might have thought "Oh my word, that's a swell looking game. I think I may go out and purchase it upon release". Then I would take off my top hat and monocle and anxiously await the release of the game.
TRD4L1fe  +   752d ago
sony seems to fail in the Ad department
talhat2  +   752d ago
I thought it was good. But that's just me :)
KingKevo  +   752d ago
So, that story on here about Sony buying the TakeTheOath.com-domain does finally make sense now. I thought it was about The Order, but hey, it's here now and I like it.
Platinum_k  +   752d ago
If I didn't know what killzone was, and then watched this, I'de back the hell up.

SONY, wtf???

Terrible commercial. Acting was atrocious.

Lucky Sony's still got the loyal fans to buy their awesome games, DESPITE crappy commercials like this!
edonus   751d ago | Spam

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