Batman: Arkham Origins Review | Entertainment Buddha

A Solid Tale Wrapped In Mediocrity.

Batman: Arkham Origins’ reveal came out of nowhere and caught many gamers by surprise. No one was expecting another Arkham game so soon after Arkham City (2011 release), which both gamers and comic book fans alike have deemed to be one of the greatest video games based on a comic book franchise. Thanks to the wild popularity of Rocksteady’s Batman Akrham franchise though, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Warner Bros. wanted to cash in on the series one more time before the next generation of game consoles hit retail.

To do so the company turned to its internal WB Montreal studio to take over the Arkham reigns, which caused concerns amongst long time fans of the franchise. Could WB Montreal execute the same level of polish that Rocksteady first introduced in Akrham Asylum and City? That question was asked by thousands of gamers, and after playing through Origins, the answer still isn’t clear.

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