The 5 Best Reasons For Buying The PS4 Instead Of An Xbox One

It’s November, and that means that next-gen consoles are finally on their way. Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses, and both consoles are going to appeal to different kinds of gamers. In that spirit, I’m running a mini-series on whether you should by the Xbox One, the PS4, or neither. Check back tomorrow for the argument for the Xbox One, and the day after that for why you might just want to wait.

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Sayburr1840d ago

Wonder what tomorrow's "five best reasons to buy XBO instead of PS4" will say.

theBAWSE1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

cable TV (must have an actual cable box first though)

I'm stuck help

@jgrigs controller? many previews have put ds4 above xbones though really its user preference so that can't really be listed

games? going by past two generations Sony have catered better to the gamer in that department check last two years of 360 or the og xbox when 360 was released

@hufandpuf just like xbone many patches will be released for both consoles mp3/dnla will be patched in according to sony

xbl what has that got over ps+?

jgrigs091840d ago


Power and Price is the only thing PS4 has on Xbox One.

Hufandpuf1840d ago

SNAP feature
Controller (user preference of course)
Media options aren't limited to a first-party service
Xbox Live

Septic1840d ago

Launch Titles and games
Comprehensive dedicated server support

thekhurg1840d ago

1. Kinect
2. Cable TV
3. Snap
4. 720p
5. Upscaling

jgrigs091840d ago

Wow getting disagrees for stating the obvious. Cool, N4G full of sony fans. Trolls get agrees nontrolls get disagrees

thekhurg1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


You got disagrees because "power and price" is NOT the "only" thing the PS4 has on the Xbox720p.

Utalkin2me1840d ago


ROFLMAO, you do understand "power" and "Price" is not the only thing. Thats 2 things there, lol.

scott1821840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


Because Kinect, controller, and games are opinions, and people have the right to disagree with you. Power and price are facts that don't change based on opinion.

A lot of people prefer sony's eye camera because the games are fun and work really well with the move. Many people prefer the playstation controller layout. And the top reasons I am getting the PS4 is for the games it has and I know Sony devs are amazing.

I know a lot of people say XBL but I prefer the PSN with plus, and Sony is upgrading the worldwide server structure with Openstack and Gaikai.

VENOMACR12271840d ago

-Controller: better from what I've read. 360 controller was better then PS3 and they made it even better. This is all personal preference.

-Games: Halo, Titanfall, Forza, Gears (eventually). I think MS exclusives are better because they are more multiplayer focused. Uncharted, Last of Us, Little Big Planet, all wonderful games but lack the online multiplayer that makes Halo and Gears so popular

Xbox Live: They've gotten Live to a point where it's just a better experience. Sending a message, party chats, friends list, its all just fluid and easy. Maybe PS+ on PS4 will be better but I thought it was clunky.

Swapping: The video I saw about how quick and fluid it was to flip between tv, games, internet, all happened instantly which was great. No lag time

Dedicated Servers: As someone who plays basically online only, no hosts and dedicated servers are a huge plus

Skype: Having the Kinect with a 1080 camera and ability to Skype is terrific.

True_Samurai1840d ago

Upcoming exclusives
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Halo 5
Black Tusk
Kinect 2.0

Shall I keep going?

Brix901840d ago

How is Xbox Live a reason to buy a console? Am I missing something I have a 360 and hated paying for live because I felt like I got nothing out of it.

creatchee1840d ago

I don't even know why it has to be "why to buy X over Y". You should buy what you like, not what it is in relation to something else.

4Sh0w1840d ago

Well I'm buying an X1 for DR3, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Forza5 at launch with XBL, dedicated servers and future games like Project Spark, Kinect Sports Rivals, Halo5, Quantum Break, new Fable, and hopefully a new next gen Gears of War and so on. I also like Kinect, the UI, and TV integration. Overall its the better console imo, so that's why I'm getting an X1.

MrDreadnought1840d ago

I respect the preferences of each one concerning the console, but the one thing that clearly pinches my nerve is the 100$ price over PS4 and clearly it brings less to the table than said console.

MAULxx1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Yeah, I can't think of one thing the Xbone has over the PS4.

Does it have custom soundtracks at launch?
That would be the only box it could tick that Sony has left blank.

Kinect is the BANE of the BONE.
In no way is it a positive.
Being a TV funnel & snap crap is a negative for me as well though some may find it interesting & useful.

Oh wait...... it has taller game boxes.
Take that fanboys! Lol.

Depends on what you want really. A game console or a thingamajig X-bone.

horndog1840d ago

How about for its exclusives not on ps4.


And how about its better on line experience. hope some of those helped

UltimateMaster1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

You mad bro?

Sony has around 20 exclusive games to come out that they'll reveal next year.

You think that's not enough?


How bout
-The Order 1886
-Infamous Second Son
-Killzone Shadow Fall
-Deep Down

Or did I just match you in games?

Maybe we could add Helldivers or Shadow of the Beast? How about Planetside 2? Granted that last one is also on PC, kinda makes me think of Titanfall's platforms.

As far as better online experience, why don't you actually wait until the consoles comes out and compare them yourself? You'll be surprised by the end result.

UltimateMaster1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

@Anyone who says the PS4 doesn't have any games because a few of them got delayed.

You buy a console for the many years to come, not for a few months.

Unless you want rushed out 720p games.
Me? I'd rather have the best quality possible.

If Xbox One had no kinect, I'd also buy One.

Gekko361840d ago

@MAULxx - You've listed everything the xbox one has and said you don't like it so the only thing that Xbox One has over the PS4 is the fact it's not Japanese!. Mind you I still have relatives alive who go mental at the mention of Japan in a positive way, due to being cruelly tortured by soldiers in Japanese POW Camps. I forget sometimes!.

Next you'll say you don't like the smell of Xbox, or You don't like the way it sit's on the TV stand or that it has unusually shiny plastic, that gives ginger children Hep C or that if you play certain games only on Xbox that you have a 50% chance of getting Autism before the end of X1's life cycle, or that owning an xbox one makes you 60% more likely to have a receding hairline.

I suppose thats all thats left!

Here's a suggestion... "Create" don't "Destroy"

If you like PS$ talk about it

If you like X! talk about it

If you don't like X1 ignore it

If you don't like PS4 ignore it

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ForgottenProphecy1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Plays CD's

Just a prediction

MethCupcakes1840d ago

Who still uses Cd’s? I sure as hell don’t, and the only store that still stocks CD’S around here is Walmart.

Eonjay1840d ago

People who will be taking advantage of CD technology aren't going to be interested in the Xbox One.

theBAWSE1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

@forgotten launch exclusives.. a couple 360 original games moved to xbone to fluff out the launch.. ryse not read good things(not surprising was originally a kinect title) , forza same ol same old with extra lick of paint, dead rising doesn't look next gen, titanfall looks very very interesting. just like 360/ps3 Sony has the vast advantage when it comes to studio's making exclusive games, only unique launch game I've seen is knack the rest of ps4 and xbone launch titles are things we've seen before. that's why indies are important

controllers user preference

online- what? explain what xbl has over ps+

kinect - not a bonus

cds-your reaching

ForgottenProphecy1840d ago

@everybody who commented
I was just predicting what the article was going to say that were reasons to buy Xbox One over PS4.
As my avatar suggests, I prefer the PS4, and I am getting it at midnight. I prefer the dualshock 4, and I already have Killzone Shadow Fall... PlayStation fanboys are the worst because they attack their own brethren.

Pogmathoin1840d ago

Hehe, attack there own brethren.... Is this a cult? I like the way they accuse MS of being a immoral company, Sony are angelic....i assume they go around naked, seeing as most clothes are made in garment sweatshops, and have no other electronic devices, made in chinese slave camps.... Yet they call anyone buying an xbox as blindly following MS.... PS4 is a great console, looking forward to it, but its also Sonys last hope.... I wish it well.... But right now they will say and do anything to get you on board...

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yarbie10001840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Dedicated Servers
Smart Matchmaking
Reputation system
Impulse Triggers
Voice Commands that will rival Siri (Cortana)
Free games for life
More Apps that have free movies / music
Music in background without subscribing to a service
Day One Launch lineup of games
Every box can be a dev kit

Foxhound9221840d ago

That's a nice list you got there. Too bad that all of those (except Kinect) are available on the PS4 as well.

MiHX21840d ago

@Foxhound922 Multitasking?
Voice commands?(Voice recognition is not commands)
Impulse triggers?
Deticated servers?
Reputation system?
Smart matchmaking?
Retail console as a devkit?
Plays CD's(Don't say "Who uses CD's?")
I am not an Xbot,But please stop annoying fans for your own amusement,And we will not do the same.

Foxhound9221840d ago

It's been confirmed the ps4 will the following:

Voice commands and recognition
DLNA after launch update
Dedicated servers for certain games
Multi tasking
Pip similar to snap

Also top be able to use the xbox as a dev kit you must pay a hefty fee, but it also makes me laugh that people grasp at this as a major seeking point. Impulse triggers as a selling point? Nice job straw man

ipach1840d ago

snap bing
fantasy sports
controller (you)
music CDs

mrpsychoticstalker1840d ago

Its not use to talk all the positive stuff surrounding the xbox one bro.... on this site Sony trolls will immediately give you disagrees and leave you without bubbles.

mrnice1840d ago

large power brick
xbox live
lol both are good if ps4 had xbox live and titanfal and control.would be brill
if xbox one had ps4 graphics and killzone would be good
just get your heads together and make one save me money instead of buying both lol

NextGen24Gamer1839d ago

1. Power - Can't argue that. Ps4 claims the power on paper and 3rd party games seem to running at a higher resolution, but the jury is still out on which versions look better & run better once the retail units get in our hands!

2. Exclusives - I don't agree with that one bit. I have always had both Xbox & PlayStation consoles and I clearly prefer the Xbox exclusives over the PlayStation exclusives. And the numbers don't lie either. Xbox Exclusives out sell Sony exclusives by a LARGE margin.

3. Controller - While it's much improved from the previous PlayStation controller, the Xbox one controller is still the definitive gaming pad on the market. The undisputed best, got better. While Sony has closed the gap, the Xbox one controller is still the best controller on the market for games. Close but no cigar.

4. Indie Games - My initial response is who the heck cares. LOL...but I guess their is a very very small portion of society that digs indie games on consoles. But with that said, while Sony has got on the gates flaunting Indie support, MS has quietly gained in that area, with todays announcement being huge for MS & indie games. I still say who cares, but it's a wash for those that do care.

5. On face value, yes Ps4 has the clear price advantage. But for me, I feel like for "ALL THE EXTRAS" that the xbox one does compared to the ps4, and only a 100 dollar difference, it's a steal for me as a consumer. But only because I want all those extra features and I'm excited about those extra bells & whistles to make more next gen experience more than just prettier graphics. I give Kudos to MS for not just making a console with the obvious graphc upgrade (which it has) but attempting the give us the total next gen experience for only 100 more.

Ultimately it just comes down to what it is your looking for in a next gen system. You can't go wrong with either. Though I obviously prefer the xbox one offering this generation. And before you call me a fanboy....

My favorite consoles of all time (In this order) was the original PlayStation, then dreamcast, then Xbox 360, then ps2.

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d0nT wOrrY1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Seeing a PC nerd on N4G..

krazeecain1839d ago

Shhh, let them squabble over their inferior apu's. We know where the true next generation is...

DeadRabbits1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

The xbone is not even a choice as far as I am concerned, is it even truly next gen compared to the PS4's striving for constant 1080p 60fps?

jackanderson19851840d ago

the thing is PS4 doesn't have 1080p60fps in everything... the consoles aren't even launched yet and one is being discounted already... if the X1 manages to get a consistent 1080p60fps in 6-12 months will that all of a sudden make it the best console?

people are way too hung up on resolution and FPS... 30fps is plenty, 720p is plenty... would 1080p and 60FPS be better no doubt.... i could probably develop a game on both at 1080p60fps but it'd be a piece of crap in the gameplay department doesn't mean it's any better than games coming out at either 720p or 30fps

Captain Qwark 91840d ago

agreed. better graphics rarely ever makes a better experience. can it add to it? yes absolutely but a shit game is a shit game even if it is 1080p 60fps. if thats your sole reason for owning a console, thats sad.

the console with games that appeal to you most should be the primary reason for any gamer. first and foremost it should be launch titles vs launch titles then future announced titles vs future announced titles. then factor in the rest like controller, UI, extra features, graphics, etc

Playstationologist1840d ago

720 is not plenty, it's not even acceptable. Not for the cost and especially not if you own a 1080p screen and know the difference.

Stsonic1840d ago

It takes twice the raw power to compute 30-60fps and 1080P to 720P is a big jump so yes it does matter.

jackanderson19851840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

@playstationologist and stsonic

i don't care what the box is capable resolutionwise as long as it can deliver smooth, enjoyable gameplay... yes realistically the PS4 will deliver better looking games over the generation, yes most of them will be 1080p... but if all my friends are on the X1 what fun will i have playing on the PS4 by myself? it's what decided what console i was buying multiplats on this gen and what console i'll be buying multiplats on next gen.

unless the PS4 offered a completely different gameplay to the X1 that was better then the difference between 720p and 1080p mean nothing to me, resolution would be at the very bottom of my list on deciding factors between a game with a whole heap of items before it

also specifically at playstationologist, the cost difference to me is only €35 as i'm in europe and i'll be getting fifa 14 for "free"... i liked the kinect this gen and i'll probably make even more use of it next gen so €35 is nothing... i play on a 32inch screen sitting more than 6 foot away from it so the difference between 720p and 1080p isn't noticable for me... it'll be the same when i pick up the PS4 when infamous comes out i'll most likely tack on the camera with it so i can experience it's offerings

ipach1840d ago

i used to agree. and then i downloaded/watched that high bitrate killzone multiplayer footage. can't unsee that full HD silky smooth gorgeousness... unless Microsoft has their own similar files to spread, I'm gonna have to start falling in the camp that cares...

shakar2521840d ago

What you all are neglecting to mention is that the comparison is 1080p to 720p on the same game title. It's not comparing two different games. It's two version of the same game. So, yes that does make a difference

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TheKingWilliamV1840d ago

1.) Because I want a PS4
2.) Because I want a PS4
3.) Because I want a PS4
4.) Because I want a PS4
5.) Because I can afford a PS4

Volkama1840d ago

These are all pretty good reasons, can't argue with you.

beerzombie1840d ago

As Xbox fan and will buy one on day one. I have to say that's the best and only reason you need to buy what you want.

Stringerbell1840d ago

PS Plus
No pervo / spy camera

DeadRabbits1840d ago

"No pervo / spy camera"

If you look like me, a shaved chimp with ache then you need not worry about that one!

Pogmathoin1840d ago

Sony gives the option for pervs to buy camera, leaves the rest alone...

jgrigs091840d ago

You can unplug it. derp

ma1asiah1840d ago

Ummm you can unplug Kinect 2.0 as well