Gran Turismo 6 'Start your Engines' Trailer, Time Transition & Astronomy Effects Video

With just over a month left until Gran Turismo 6 hits store shelves worldwide on December 6, Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have released two new trailers for the upcoming racer.

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mewhy321838d ago

this could easily pass as a next gen racer.

Tommykrem1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Yeah, the trailer could.

The last trailer was really fantastic, btw. Looking forward to this, particularly now that Drive Club has been delayed.

MajorJackHoff1838d ago

It looks great for sure. Although I'm not that excited for this installment for 2 reasons.

1. Next gen is here and I had hoped GT6 would be developed on next gen hardware. GT7 is going to pump me up beyond belief.

2. GT5 looked amazing in the trailers as well, but the actual game honestly, in my opinion, didn't look THAT great. I was really let down by GT5 because I bought into all the hype and build up over the years, which is my own fault.

Anyway, that's just my opinion on the matter. I'm sure GT6 will be a great game, but I'm not really that excited to play it like I know I will be when GT7 is announced.

dumahim1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I agree on both points.

I think at this point the sounds they use are unacceptable. I know they want to replace them, but wake me up when it's done and the cars sound right.

I do enjoy GT, but it just feels a bit sterile as well. For some reason, Forza just seems like more fun. Not sure why.

But hey, it's looking good and they really showed off a lot of obscure cars on there.

DrGonzo1838d ago

Im a huge GT fan but the sad fact is that GT games never look as good as their trailers.

fenome1838d ago

Wow, look at that, day/night cycles on a now last gen system.

pete0071838d ago

nfs shift,shift 2 unlimited, etc, etc.
the first game last gen that had day night cycle and weather was on 360 long before gran turismo got out of kaz yamah´s balls

fenome1838d ago

I know, I was just being an ass about Forza 5 not having day/night cycle. Harmless fun

DigitalRaptor1838d ago

@ Pete

Why does Forza 5 not have day/night cycle or weather?

neoMAXMLC1838d ago

Troll more, pete. Absolutely none of those games ran at 60FPS or anywhere near a high resolution as GT6.

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Blackdeath_6631838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

can't wait for this game! glad i skipped GT5 for this

EDIT: what the hell is up with that moon buggy?!

neoMAXMLC1838d ago

Seriously.... why.. why did they show that small clip in space?!?!?!

What sort of tease is this?!??!

karl1838d ago

thats really funny..

i hope they do it

even though i just saw that last bit in the trailer im still not expecting it

solidworm1838d ago

Looking forward to GT7 on the psQuad.

xXtremeHDGamerXx1838d ago


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