Greatness Exchange Winners/Losers Now Being Notified

Did you win greatness, or are you just another loser like the other 99% of us?

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ftwrthtx1786d ago

Damn. I've wasted 30 trophies so far.

TerminalGamer1786d ago

There's still a few drawings left.

xHeavYx1786d ago

I'm saving all my trophies for the mystery box

ftwrthtx1786d ago

I have 160 left but I think there will be too many bid by other people for me to have a valid shot at the box.

FITgamer1786d ago

Same here putting 150 down on the box.

admiralvic1786d ago

I wasted 454 if it makes you feel better. I am going to use my last one on the Mystery Box though. :3

Insomnia_841786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

What could be in the mistery box??? I'll put my 198 Gold Trophies in it!

Skate-AK1786d ago

"a boat is a boat. But the mystery box? It could be anything. It could even be a boat!"

mrpsychoticstalker1785d ago

hahaha a bag of achievements!