The Soapbox: Parents Who Give Mature Games To Their Children

Games just aren't for kids anymore so why are parents blindly buying mature games for their children?

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rambi801868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Not everyone agrees as to what constitutes inappropriate content for their children.

I had neighbors who cursed and argued constantly as a kid. The bad language in video games paled in comparison to what i heard in real life.

Same for violence and nudity. What if my parents are nudists? Maybe they don't care much about headshots cause i live in an area where people get gunned down right in front of me?

BABY-JEDI1868d ago

You talk nonsense for nonsense sake.

Army_of_Darkness1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

It's fine if kids play violent games as long as the parents let them know that it's fake and a terrible thing to do in real life, plus you will go to prison for life ;-)
It's when parents let their kids play whatever and not paying attention to them at all is what causes an issue in the future.
Kids need to know the difference of right and wrong, fiction and non-fiction at an early age to make them understand reality better as they grow.

BABY-JEDI1867d ago

@ army. Kids should only play age appropriate games period. Anything other than this is irresponsible on a parents part.

TedCruzsTaint1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I am going to have no issue with my kids playing violent games at a younger age. Not too young, but, I feel, at ten or so, they will be at the point where they know what is a game and what is life.
I was playing the original Turok at around seven or so . . . and I like to think I turned out all right.

I do feel the need to clarify I view purely violent games differently than I do games of truly mature content and themes. I think that violence, within reason, is something that can be digested at a younger age without any real negative impact on a child. At least through the guidance of a responsible parent.
When tackling mature themes, however, that is a different story. Really depends on the attitude and maturity of the child themselves and how well they can actually handle adult subject matter.
It's why I am against the ideas of a rating system based on age. I understand why it is there, but I believe it is flawed and is really just a shield for the developer/publisher and retailer.

iDadio1868d ago

Think it depends entirely on the game and the age of the children because of how big a grey area it has become.

I've seen parents buy 15 year olds GTA5 and that I dont mind, by the age of 15 in this day age they are subjected to the content in most forms of media.
But on the other hand I've seen parents buying it for kids as young as 8, thats where the line has to be drawn there is content is there mature games that children are not emotionally developed enough to experience.

GrandpaSnake1868d ago

i have literally seen kids get spoiled infront of the tv playing COD, Online games in particular shooters, should be kept away for the right age.

zeroskie1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Hey, my parents gave me mature games when i was a kid, and nothing terrible happened. I mean I cut people's bellies open and burn their insides with electricity like every other day, but otherwise I turned out okay.

Edit: just to clarify, we're talking about surgery.