Iron Maiden shreds Rocksmith 2014 with 5 Songs tomorrow

It’s time to get hyped up for the next Rocksmith 2014 DLC! Last week Rocksmith had a 5 Pack of Smashing Pumpkins and this week @Rocksmithgame has informed everyone will be getting a 5 Pack of Iron Maiden DLC!

Also, thanks to Paul Cross’s tweet you should expect one of the songs to be the operatic high octane song "Aces High" and maybe even "Run To The Hills"

Come back tomorrow for the full pack listing!

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ZBlacktt1840d ago

Up in Irons \m/ o.o \m/

hankmoody1840d ago

Rocksmith is pretty amazing.

crimsonfox1840d ago

You'll die as you lived in the flash of a blade IN A CORNER FORGOTTEN BY NO ONE! *insert killer bass line here*

just-joe1840d ago

You live for the touch for the feel of the steel. ONE MAN AND HIS HONOR!

Powerslave is my favorite Album.

crimsonfox1839d ago

Hell yeah, that album kicks ass. I got a tattoo of the power slave Eddie biting of the chains on my fore arm. \m/ MAIDEN!!!

Shredmeijster1840d ago

Very nice to see some fellow Maiden fans here!

Might give the game a go thanks to this news,
Shouldn't be too hard, been shredding Maiden for over 10 years now!

crimsonfox1840d ago

the shredmeijster! shreading it up!

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