Japan Getting New (See-Through) DualShock 3 In Dec

The PS3 has never had a see-through dualshock – until now. And so on Dec. 19 will that change, and you’ll be able to at least import a roughly-$60 controller whose internal parts you can see. (A North American release is still up in the air at this point.

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Mr_cheese1838d ago

Never been a big fan of the see through editions for controllers. They would look better if there was some little led lights inside.

pwnsause_returns1838d ago

Mods would be all over this controller with that idea.

ohiostatesman1838d ago

Glad Sony is trying to fix the horrible controller that was the Dual Shock 3. DS4 is much improved. But I would still take the Xbox One controller in a heart beat.

Dante811838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The 360 pad, and likely Xbox One too, is a POS. As soon as got my DS4, I tossed that motha out the window--did it hit you on the head?

Blastoise1838d ago

I kinda like them. They remind me of the old days.

Fond memories of my see-through game boy colour

ZBlacktt1838d ago

DS3..... We'll be already using a DS4 and loving it. Let's get a clear one of those aye? :D

GarrusVakarian1838d ago

Unblock me please, i want to talk to you in PM.

I apologize for the off topic.

thehitman1838d ago

FML I waited forever for a see through DS3 now PS4 is out. Sony give me a see through DS4 and I will forgive you.