Jimquisition: Cloak and Dagger

Sterling may not know much, but he knows this -- there's too much we don't know!

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s8anicslayer1841d ago

Just left destructoid and already he's at Escapist, that was quick!

Mr Pumblechook1840d ago

I love that he called out Marcus Beer, Adam Sessler and Gies from Polygon for making tweets about how they know some great big secrets but cannot dare share them.

We need people to call out the professional trolls.

iceman061840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Who better to troll professional trolls than a professional troll? Seriously, this guy is one of the best trolls that I have ever encountered. I am NOT saying that in a disrespectful manner either. It takes a LOT to do what Sterling does and get away with it. I like him for that alone.

ConsoleHQ1840d ago

No actually he has been doing this show for years. He's always freelanced the Jimquisition. He hasn't confirmed where he has gone after DToid.
His CoD Ghosts review will still be on DToid as well.

MasterCornholio1840d ago

I do agree with him that i hate it when game developers keep secrets like resolution from us.

hello121840d ago

According to one guy known in the gaming industry. Several sources within the gaming industry have told him the PS4 has overheating issues.

I would dismiss this as just a rumor. But at E3 and another recent event. Games running on PS4 kits stopped completely and would not work.

Surely this is a sign the PS4 overheats and not a good sign?

The industry is fairly silent on that issue, why.

BG115791840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

So this guy didn't get a PS4 for free to, uh?
These kind of journalists are those that permit things like Doritos Gate and all.

The industry is fairly silent on that issue? No they aren't.

MasterCornholio1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Im sorry but you lose.

BG just owned you. ROFL

You know whos been silent on a lot of issues? Im sorry but its on a need to know basis so i cant tell you.

Battlefieldlover1840d ago

Games with alpha code stopped working on a early build of a console? *gasp*. The game froze up and we have video of it? Then in that same video they returned to "home" and restarted the game? I think we see "over heating" a bit differently.

This is worse then the "red light of death"... Ya know after it was removed from it's Incasing and began working again. So I guess we see "death differently too...

Swiggins1840d ago

Looking in a mirror again eh?