Patch 1.30 for the EU-Version of CoD4 online

Austrian website writes: "Heute, am 24.04. ist für die europäische Version von Call of Duty 4 der 12 MB große Patch 1.30 erschienen und wird automatisch installiert, sobald ihr CoD4 startet.

Der neue Patch fügt die beiden Modi "Variety Pack Team Deathmatch" und "Variety Team Objective" hinzu."

The Patch 1.30 for the EU Version of CoD4 is now online. The download starts automatically when you start CoD4.

Features of Patch 1.30:
2 new Gamemodes: "Variety Pack Team Deathmatch" and "Variety Team Objective"

The new Gamemodes can only be used, if you own the new Map-Pack.

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funkybastard3884d ago

does that mean you can't play hardcore on these maps??? thats the only game mode i play!

Close_Second3883d ago

...that when the host quit I was returned to the lobby with remaining players. Has this been fixed in 1.30????

Mind you, the game still quits automatically if by the time the game starts connection has not been fully established with all players.