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Forza Motorsport 5: Car Pass and LaFerrari Car Pack Announcement

Details have just been released about Turn 10's plan to support Forza Motorsport 5 through the Forza Car Pass and multiple car packs, with the LaFerrari Car Pack being the first.

The LaFerrari Car Pack will be available on launch day for Xbox One. In addition to the LaFerrari, the pack will include nine additional cars, details of which will be unveiled by the “Forza” team soon (18 NOV 2013).

Car Packs will be released on a monthly basis following the launch of Forza Motorsport 5. For the first time ever, every vehicle will be available in Forzavista mode; allowing players to explore every inch of each car… inside and out. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

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ZodTheRipper  +   511d ago
First car pack on launch day? Awesome!
FamilyGuy  +   511d ago
The worst part of current gen already carrying on to next gen, pre-planned, pre-created "premium" content. Day 1 DLC is bull. The idea that $60 just isn't enough for the full game is annoying.

I'm all for expansion packs that add real content to games but stuff like this where you know they're just holding it off so they can sell it will never get my money. This goes for all devs/games.
FlameHawk  +   511d ago
Smh, anything that is made before the launch of a game should be free.
mhunterjr  +   511d ago
Nah, as long as the retail content is worth what you paid for it, it doesn't matter when the additional content was made.
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   511d ago
Well said. I won't be buying the DLC personally, I usually wait and see if I really fall in love with a game and if I do I just purchase the season pass...

I am sure there is plenty of content without buying DLC, it's not going to be a mandatory purchase Flamehawk.
FamilyGuy  +   511d ago
How do you rate whether it's enough? What do you compare it to?
eezo  +   511d ago
this is one xbox one game which is getting everything right whether its resolution, dlc support or any other thing.
likeaboss302  +   511d ago
Forza and KI are the only two things stopping me from canceling my Xbox One Pre-order.
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dumahim  +   511d ago
Day 1 DLC is not getting something right. That's milking the customers of cash.

There's still a lot to be revealed and I won't be surprised at all to see some serious disappointments (especially with some tracks that may be cut).
VENOMACR1227  +   511d ago
I've never been a fan of the car packs. I'd rather buy the vehicles one-off. I usually race A or B class so having S class and R1 vehicles doesn't make sense for how I like to drive.
mhunterjr  +   511d ago
You're in luck

'Fans of specific makes and models may choose to purchase individual cars, a la carte, while devout fans may opt for the “Forza Motorsport 5” Car Pass'
VENOMACR1227  +   511d ago
Yea that's what I did in Forza 4. I'd buy one car and not the whole pack. Sorry but I don't need 10 different types of Subarus or a 1992 GMC Typhoon
bobsmith  +   511d ago
Forza sells single cars from their car packs for half the price of the whole pack..and the best car of the packs they wont let you buy singly. Rip off
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creeping judas  +   511d ago
I would rather have a monthly track pass. Each month T10 provides us with a new track. Whether a fantasy track or a real world track.
Naga  +   511d ago
Tracks are significantly harder to develop, though. I would expect them to release a handful of tracks over the lifespan of the game, but we might be asking a bit much to want one each month. That, and the inevitable cost would probably turn a lot of people off.

But on a related note, my brother spoke with one of the T10 representatives at an event at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. He asked one about whether or not COTA would make it into Forza 5, and the rep said they were hopeful - that they were trying hard to make it ready for launch. That seems to confirm two things: (1) it's a lot of work, and (2) they are at least open to releasing tracks post-launch.
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gamegenieny  +   511d ago
This is why i'm not so hyped about "next gen". Its just more nickel and diming and doesn't seem to be ready to stop anytime soon. I'll pass for now....
Naga  +   511d ago
So developers should continue to support their games by creating new content, but provide it free of charge?
dumahim  +   511d ago
I think you're missing the point. The value of the DLC is way out of whack and it's getting worse. You get hundreds of cars and a bunch of tracks for $60, but once the game is out, want 10 more cars? That'll be $10.

If they want to add a track and include a bunch of new events that include that track, that's something I can actually get interested it. I bought the FM4 season pass and it was a waste. All that money spent and I probably only bothered to actually get a handful of the cars.

Adding cars isn't really doing much to add to the game. Most cars are like all the other cars and you use them for the same thing. Going around a track in a DLC car is not going to be terribly different from what is already available. Give me a new track and some new events on the other hand, and that's something new I can sink into and enjoy.
Naga  +   511d ago
@ dumahim

That's actually a really good argument, and I'm fairly persuaded by it.

On a similar note, the only pass I have ever felt it worthwhile to invest in was Battlefield Premium - which of course contained a plethora of content including new weapons, maps, game types, etc. Much like what you are talking about, and much like what is absent in a mere pack of DLC cars.
mhunterjr  +   511d ago
I don't know what some gamers have this slave mentality that developers should work for free. They think their $60 (which for some games doesn't even cover the dev costs), should also cover all of the post release support and server maintenance. It doesn't grow on trees.
gamegenieny  +   511d ago
My point is that paying for cars that are held back just to sell them for dlc is crazy. Just like $15 for COD map packs for all of 4 or so maps that have 2 of them remade. Forza horizon had cars like the 427 as dlc why ? Just to make people buy packs for more money for certain cars.

By all means keep jumping off the ledge like lemmings. Again i said this is why "I" won't be buying into this so called next gen garbage. There is a difference between real dlc and stuff held back just for the sake of making more money.
mhunterjr  +   511d ago
If you feel that the game is worth $60 as is, on the day you purchase it, then why does it matter when the extra content was created?

As long as your getting what you pay for, up front, then anything extra is... Extra... It's not like turn 10 is releasing the game with too few car to justify your initial purchase.
gamegenieny  +   511d ago
I totally get what you're saying and agree, but with a game like forza its a bit different with cars. I'd expect new cars to come out and be extra like GT5 did with the new corvette. But cars that they clearly have the rights to use but hold them back just to sell them as dlc is wrong.

Again it's a bit different because its cars, and not exactly the same as a new map pack. But its something I've noticed and don't agree with. So its how I'm personally going about it.
Deathdeliverer  +   511d ago
Maybe it's just me but announcing dlc and the prices for it BEFORE your game has even come out is bull. Saying your game will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future is one thing, but we have pictures of these 9 cars ingame that we plan to charge you for on or shortly after release is ridiculous. There's still over 2 weeks before the XB1 release. I've never seen a case of more obvious DLC Bullshit than this. No sale from me anymore. Just to know they would do this makes me not want to support them at all. KI and Dead rising, it's just us now. We had to leave Forza behind because it went crazy.
Nodoze  +   511d ago
Well said and 100% true. It is just shady! Look we are going to milk you.


KI DLC pay for each character = BS
Forza DLC = BS
Ryse DLC = BS

Anyone who does not see through this nickel and dime gaming model is fing blind.
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