Nintendo Silences 3DS Owners

CCC Says: "My name is Jenni, and I'm one of the 100 people out there who used Swapnote fairly regularly. I have a number of people I know registered to my 3DS Friend List, and we've actually used the message-exchanging system pretty often since its December 2011 launch.
Many of us had Colors 3D, which meant the exchange of fan art or original works when they were finished. (I have an incredible Samus image locked in, so I can never delete it.) One of my friends is an online cartoonist, and his early messages used each note as a different panel. Our communications slowed a bit towards the end of 2012, but the introduction of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and its screenshot function led to a resurgence of messages. We'd show off our townsfolk in silly situations, brag about outfits we'd made, and generally have a good time. An era was just dawning in which we'd send Pokemon X and Y photos of our trainers to one another, when the message came in last night.
Nintendo shut down Swapnote."

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