Jon Jones Takes Cover of EA Sports UFC

Barry writes, "Last week I made the prediction that Ronda would be the first female MMA fighter to take the cover of a UFC and I was wrong. Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones has taken the cover."

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BX811839d ago

I agree. Watched that fight 3 times and gusto is the real champ. He'll have his shot again though. I think hell ko jbj this time unless he doesn't clean up those elbows and head kicks.

CynthiaRose1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I'm with the author, I though Ronda Rousey would be on the cover. Jones is a great choice though.

GloryEclipse1839d ago

Maybe she can still make it with the fans voting, but I doubt it.

LOGICWINS1839d ago

Meh, I'd vote for Weidman over Rousey. Dude doesnt get the respect he deserves. If the guy who knocked out Anderson Silva and Uriah Hall isnt in the running for a game cover, then theres a problem.

Jones is a great choice, but a safe choice.

Omegasyde1839d ago

I vote for Velasquez.

or Gina Carano (Ronda is beautiful but Gina is in another league, then again Gina is not officially in the UFC yet)

Donnywholovedbowling1839d ago

Jones is a safe choice, really? He's the the youngest champion in lightweight ufc history, sucessfully defending his title everytime out, and he would BURY Weidman. Come talk to me if and when Weidman wins the rematch without Silva making a mistake that just hands him the win.

Rousey would be a TERRIBLE choice for the cover.

LOGICWINS1838d ago

^^Jones is the safe choice precisely for the reasons you mentioned. EA UFC should be promoting underdogs/new talent like Weidman and Cat Zingano, not people that already have mass appeal. Everyone already knows that Jones will be in the game. Other lesser known fighters need the exposure more than Jones does.

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Funantic11839d ago

You should be on the cover of a magazine. Nice pic. :-)

Captain Qwark 91839d ago

I hate rousey, after seeing her on ultimate fighter her personality suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

MrCastle1839d ago

Obviously you haven't seen rousey's popularity plummet from her time on TUF.

LOGICWINS1839d ago

Yeah, we're seeing the TRUE Ronda on that show. She comes off so nice in interviews, but in real life shes a bitch. You can tell that she feels she needs to overcompensate because she doesnt have a penis. Did u c the episode where Tate wanted to shake her hand and Ronda and her sis stuck up middle fingers?

I hope Tate knocks her out. Ronda needs to be humbled.

Captain Qwark 91839d ago

this^^^ i think she is a major bitch. i dont think tate is gonna win though, as much as i hate rousey, she is beastly. (i love tate too so sexy, seems genuinely nice and i would love to see her win but im not getting my hopes up )

ThatCanadianGuy5141839d ago

Hopefully Cat Zingano gets an immediate fight for the winner when she heals up(probably Ronda even tho i hate to admit it)

Cat is a beast and has the best chance are KO'ing the one trick pony armbar scrambler that rousey is.

king_george1839d ago

I honestly see why they chose bones i mean the dude is at the top of his game right now and is probably the most respected fighter in the sport. not to mention he's coming off a war with gustaffon or whatever his name is. hes a very popular guy

Captain Qwark 91839d ago

i was at ufc 165, easily one of the best fights ever

Donnywholovedbowling1839d ago

Me and my wife completely agree, an absolutely epic battle, maybe the best ever.

Hardware1839d ago

Should of been Cain Velasquez he's been dominating HW division

Omegasyde1839d ago

I am a fan of Cain, and it's nice that he depends the position against all Brazilian opponents

Brazil has really stepped up the last few years!

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