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The Time DICE Charged Me $60 To Beta Test Their Game

An explanation of time with Battlefield 4's glitchy release. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Majin-vegeta  +   288d ago
Good thing i held off on buying this till a premium edition comes out.
iRocket  +   288d ago
Agreed. I was really tempted at one point, seeing all the gameplay from multiplayer, I liked the beta and so on... but having pre-ordered BF3 and experiencing the buggy launch didn't really excite me for it to happen again. Well, it looks like the Beta was more of an Alpha, and this is the real beta.
I'm going to get this too when the Premium Edition comes out.
TheEnigma313  +   288d ago
I'm doing this with most games now a days. I wait for the GOTY editions.
Neixus  +   288d ago
oh come on, everyone has experienced bugs before.
Captain Qwark 9  +   288d ago
i will agree with anyone that launching full of issues is unacceptable for any game but anyone with even the slightest experience with battlefield will know that these games always launch with a huge list of issues and the games are barely even playable for the first week or two. its always good to give BF at least another month after launch then hop in. not saying it should be this way but it has been for the last decade plus so no reason to act surprised or upset by it.

as far as the beta's go, those are demos described as beta's to give a reason for the bug filled mess they usually are. if it were a beta, it would happen around 6 or more months before release, not a couple weeks
supraking951  +   288d ago
lol that sucks for PC players and there $3000 set ups
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Mac420  +   288d ago
Have a feeling the majority of the problems are coming from current gen console versions. Besides the netcode, Haven't seen or heard of half the problems on the PC version. Glad I'm waiting to get this next gen.
porkChop  +   288d ago
Out of everyone I know, I'm the only person who's PC copy even works.

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porkChop  +   288d ago
They did the exact same thing with BF3, BC1, and BC2. Dice is a good developer, but they're really lazy when it comes to fixing bugs and optimizing their games. BC2's lag compensation and hit reg was completely fucked up for over a year before Dice finally decided to fix it. Then when BF3 came out they made the EXACT SAME MISTAKE. If you have a problem and you learn how to fix it then there is no excuse for your next game having the same problem again.
FunkMacNasty  +   287d ago
What I really want to know is, are they going to fix the texture loading on ps3!? The ps3 versions seriously looks like its on ps2.. I don't understand why, because Bf3 looked amazing on ps3

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