Wondering About InFamous: Second Son

With a new console comes a new inFamous game. PS Nation begin to wonder if Sucker Punch can deliver another outstanding game once again? Who is this new character? What powers does he have?

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SaveFerris1502d ago

Looking forward to this game since it was announced. I wonder what other powers will be available to Delsin to acquire?

king_george1502d ago

ice, flight, shape shifting, xray vision (sweet! *wink*) lol but yeah im so looking forward to the new powers whatever they may be

Lunarassassin1502d ago

I really want flying or shape shifting, but i have a feeling both would be over powered.

chrissx1502d ago

My most anticipated next gen game this. Just looks awesome

thehitman1502d ago

Agree besides, Division and maybe Watchdogs Infamous seems to be the most impressive game I am waiting for.

gusgusjr1502d ago

division is number 1 for me but this is up there with titanfall for me. next year should be interesting too many games and we've just heard of the beginning of 2014.

Pintheshadows1502d ago

I hope we see more gameplay soon. I bet it has improved since E3 and it was already very very impressive.

fenome1502d ago

Definitely looking forward to some new gameplay. Along with gameplay of The Order 1886.

fenome1502d ago

Judging from this gameplay alone, I say yes they will definitely deliver