Battlefield 4 - One Man Army Trailer

The One Man Army Trailer of Battlefield 4.

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Gozer1839d ago

Reminded me of the Normandy mission in COD. Cant wait to get this game.

sigfredod1839d ago

I'm already tired of this ads, why pay people to pose as excited gamers? i know millions of real gamer will do it for free and will really excited for the gameplay, or just show us the gameplay without actors

iRocket1839d ago

Those guys sure were some lousy shots. In real multiplayer, the "one-man-army" in this would have been dead before he even got out of the water.

ArchangelMike1839d ago

Too true. And everyone else who tried to get the bomb out of the water.

RedDeadLB1839d ago

Yeah I don't like these trailers. They're definitely not an accurate representation of what Battlefield is. Practically they suck and you can feel how fake they are.

JoGam1839d ago

I disagree. There are some wack ones but I've seen some amazing ones that no way scripted. This trailer was scripted.

StillGray1839d ago

Battlefield 4 is about teamwork, not "one man army" types. Take that shit to COD.

Regis1839d ago

But the teamwork when i play sucks hard no one wants to play together.

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