November 2013 downloadable rewards now available on Club Nintendo

This month’s digital rewards on Club Nintendo have gone live.

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GordonKnight1172d ago

I think Link to the past should be available for the Wii U instead of the Wii. Nintendo all I want to do is play Link to the past on the gamepad before Link between worlds is released.

sloth33951172d ago

yeah been waiting for it but it says not available even on the club Nintendo site for the game

_QQ_1171d ago

should be available now, i just picked it up

Blu5in2wO40e1172d ago

If we download it on Wii U, can we make a transfer later on if/when LTTP gets released on the eshop? Basically, just paying $1.00 for the "upgrade".

Concertoine1172d ago

yes you can
its worth it too so you can button map everything

kirbyu1171d ago

You can play Wii games on the Gamepad now.

_QQ_1171d ago

but not with gamepad controls which i think is what he means

GoPanthers9991170d ago

Dillons Rolling Western is a great free game!