Top 100 Games of the Generation: 100-81

Hardcore Gamer: All week long, we're counting down the top games of the generation leading up to the release of the PS4. There was months of bickering, fighting, hurt feelings and even a bruised ribcage, but we finally came up with something that we truly believe is the definitive list.

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king_george1868d ago

resonance of fate over skyward sword? hmm don't know about that one but a solid list so far

SolidGear31868d ago

#1 - The Last of Us
#2 - Beyond: Two Souls
#3 - BioShock
#4 - Heavy Rain
#5 - Catherine

JodyCones1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

The last of us, uncharted 2-3, metal gear solid 4, zelda skyward sword, zelda twilight princess, Ni No Kuni, Tales of xilia, God of war 3, Catherine, heavy rain, Journey, Okami HD and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (not in a specific order, just some of the best off the top of my head). :)