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IGN- Steam Controller: Hands-On Impressions

IGN: We went to Valve and had some time playing with the new Steam controller. Here's what we thought. (PC)

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GentlemenRUs  +   830d ago
Looks alright but I don't think I'll end up getting one personally.
gusgusjr  +   830d ago
kinda agree, might get one because i love new gaming hardware. However I foresee myself using my xbox one or ps4 controller on pc ultimately.
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wsoutlaw87  +   830d ago
There are a lot of PC only games that I enjoy like mount and blade and total war. My laptop plays Rome 2 fine now but I hope these games go to the ps4 in some way. I believe paradox said they were going to make a ps4 game. If not I will probably pick one of these up and hook my laptop up to the tv.
grailly  +   830d ago
mount & blade on consoles would be a dream come true.
starchild  +   830d ago
This seems very promising. I'll definitely get one if it works the way it seems to work.
Amazingmrbrock  +   830d ago
Seems like most people here didnt bother to watch this video or learn much about the controller. Your all whining about laptop track pads and stuff but if you watch any of the videos on the controller you'll quickly learn that these are much more usable. They're textured and ridged, the super advanced rumble system under each pad adds another layer of texture. Then beyond that they are apparently tracking at a way higher resolution than a laptop pad, which is obviously configurable. All of those factoids together make the people derping about laptop ads and how an analogue stick is better sound kind of stupid. Maybe try having an informed opinion as opposed to the ignorant kind.

Also the dude in the video here says its one of the most comfortable controllers he's ever used and that the trackpads work surprisingly well for all the games he played.
GentlemenRUs  +   830d ago
"Your all whining about laptop track pads..."

I used to use a laptop, Never did like the trackpad so I switched to a Mouse.

"Maybe try having an informed opinion as opposed to the ignorant kind..."

So am I allowed an opinion or not? That is how I feel about it.

I prefer to have physical buttons/sticks then the touchpad.
Amazingmrbrock  +   830d ago
You missed the part where the controller trackpad has a bunch of fundamental differences from a laptop trackpad. Ridges, texture, vibration, resolution etc.

Your totally allowed to have an opinion your just not allowed to be ignorant ;)
Sketchy_Galore  +   830d ago
I'm sure it's very accurate when replicating a mouse but I can't get over my fear of little trackpads. I hate having to do that repeated scratch motion to slowly angle a cursor where I want it with a small laptop trackpad. I know it can also be set to move like a joystick but then why not use a joystick.
Pintheshadows  +   830d ago
My sentiments exactly.
Somebody  +   830d ago
There was a lot of prototypes in the video and a number of them have trackballs and thumbsticks...and yet Valve chose trackpads. There must be something they know that we have yet to discover.
Benjammin25  +   830d ago
I'll probably buy anyone anyway so I can play my entire steam library from the comfort of my couch.
badboy776  +   830d ago
dualshock 4
WeedyOne  +   830d ago
Ill buy one just to try something different.
_QQ_  +   830d ago
even IGN likes it
-gabe knows best afterall
valve is on roll.
starchild  +   830d ago
Yeah, so far the hands on impressions have been very positive.

"the touch pads were surprisingly sensitive...they worked really well replicating the accuracy of a mouse, but also worked well as thumbstick replacements"

Sounds damn good to me.

People are always afraid or hesitant of change, but I think this Steam Controller truly has something unique and worthwhile to offer.

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