Edge Preview: Fracture - We check back with LucasArts to see if the earth has moved

Edge writes: "There was always a sneaking suspicion that it's really just about the guns. Yes, Fracture has a promising setting – a civil war between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of America, fuelled by the western states' exploitation of genetic manipulation – but it was clear even at first glance that the team had more fun designing ludicrous, noisy means of blowing one another up than working the flamboyant arsenal into some kind of sensible plot.

That certainly hasn't changed – there are weapons that cause giant rocky outcrops to erupt from the ground, others that burrow under the topsoil like land-based torpedoes, and another that creates a glowing maelstrom that sucks in anything or anyone unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. As for the narrative basis underlying the battle against the transhuman Pacificans, who knows whether that amounts to more than a thin sci-fi mulch; it's not really been Day 1's focus when promoting the game. Instead, the various press screenings have all hoped to demonstrate Fracture's gimmick of environmental deformation to the exclusion of the game's other qualities."

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jkhan3886d ago

Ok, now that was not good, they said they were pushing the hardware to its limit, I think they are pushing the wrong way. Ahh well, there are still a few months, hopefully they will turn up with something amazing or may be it will be another idea that didn't clicked:(

ban fans3886d ago

It also sounds like the game needs a lot more development time. Hopefully they give it the time it deserves and not rush out the product. What's the point (in this age of gaming) of having a deformation effect if it doesn't look fairly real and can not be used except on certain points of the environment. It's kind of like those annoying points in some games where you are running and jumping all over the place with a super human god-of-a-character only to reach the edge of the map that is barricaded by cardboard boxes two feet tall. Come on LucasArts, slow down and make sure the game does what you fully intended it to do.