Making Sense of no MP3 or DLNA Support on PlayStation 4

Joel Taveras writes, "Last week, SCEA took to the PlayStation Blog to publish a rather large and thorough FAQ for the upcoming PlayStation 4. It was a way for the console-maker to get its own facts straight a solid two weeks before launch. The FAQ quickly drew negative attention to itself as it began to look like a long list of things that the hype-beasting PlayStation 4 apparently can’t do. The two biggest standouts being the lack of DLNA functionality and MP3 playback. And then the pitchforks came out."

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xHeavYx1838d ago

Outdated article, Sony already confirmed MP3 and DLNA support in a future patch

JoelT1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Where's the confirmation? You have a link? PlayStation Blog FAQ was updated and still states otherwise.

UltimateMaster1838d ago

Yoshida tweeted it that it will be taken into consideration.

Abriael1838d ago

@UltimateMaster: which is no confirmation of anything.

Dno1838d ago

gotta read facts before posting this sony is already adding this.

Abriael1838d ago

@Dno: no it's not. Yoshida said he'll "speak to the developers" for future consideration. there's a whole big difference between that and "is already adding".

You're the one that gotta read the facts, instead of turning wishful thinking into fact.

brave27heart1838d ago

@JoelT and Abriael

Thank God theres a few rational people left who dont equate rumour to fact.

FrigidDARKNESS1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Their were no confirmation it was made up by the SDF. No other major gaming sites confirmed it.

decrypt1838d ago

Well Sony is a corporation after all they would rather people paid for their music services.

Any platform backed by a corporation can never be cheap or look after the interests of the end user. You would have to retort to an open platform such as PC for that.

FamilyGuy1838d ago

It's "under consideration", that's not confirmation but it is a sign of hope. At least they came out right away to let us know they're listening to us.

My biggest issue is with them having the thought that not having these features would be okay. We had them with PS3 so why would they not have them on PS4?

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sigfredod1838d ago

Still we need to keep writing tweets to Kaz, Jack and Shu until an official statement about this beign implemented is release, i want my MP3 playback back!

da1writer1838d ago

Agreed, I'm in a Twitter campaign for those interested to put out your concern in regards to no MP3, DLNA, and External HDD. Our hashtags are #PS4noDLNA and #PS4MP3. Be sure to share to others to send their concern to @yosp and @PlayStation. Get the word out until we get what we want ;)!

da1writer1838d ago

Agreed, I'm currently part of a Twitter campaign rallying for those concerned about this. If you wanttoo voice your concerns over there being no MP3, no DLNA, and No External HDD support on the PS4, join us! Tweet to @yosp and @PlayStation your concern with our hashtags #PS4noDLNA and #PS4MP3! I know together with all our voices, we could blow this up like the #NoDRM campaign maybe! Please share and join us!

Abriael1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

They did not confirm anything for a future patch. Yoshida said he'll talk to the developers for a possible implementation.

"confirmation" is a whole different thing.

So no. Nothing here is outdated.

chikane1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


and that makes it all better right.. Features that should be there from the start. God damn its only a MP3 399$ and a next 10 year system and it cant even play a simple MP3 from the start

xHeavYx1838d ago

Right, because not being able to play MP3 is such a problem, makes all games unplayable, mysteriously forces your PS4 to connect online every 10 minutes and eats your babies.

Death1838d ago


Yet people claim that Kinect is always on and reporting you to the NSA if they aren't constantly watching you through it anyway. Granted there is a better chance of Kinect spying then a PS4 eating a baby, but that's because PS4's don't have teeth.

Godmars2901838d ago

From what I understand this issue, which isn't even worth consideration, is now a consideration for a second, and unannounced, update. That it could come in six days after launch, or six months. That's not conformation.

JsonHenry1838d ago

I'm keeping my fingers crossed it gets added in an update.

1838d ago
Naga1838d ago


I don't know why this is so hard to comprehend.

saulx61838d ago

@Abriael it may be wishful thinking but as we learned from the ps3 that if the community wants it and it can be possible then Sony will implement it. They have added so much throughout the years on the ps3. I expect a patch in the near future.

joe901838d ago

No custom MP3 for your Helicopter journeys in MGS:V

NO Flight of the Valkyries.mp3 for you.

headblackman1838d ago

you didn't think about that one or even try to research that one before you said that did you? dlna isn't a feature that can be turned on with an update. the hardware has to be there for that feature. so i ask you sir, where was this article at where you read this nonsense?

nukeitall1838d ago

Sony is not a money greedy and never concerns themselves about their business. They only think of their consumers best, and that is why they removed MP3 and DLNA support. /sarcasm

xHeavYx1838d ago

I would say /lametrollingattempt. MS original policies were way worse than not being able to play MP3

QuickdrawMcgraw1837d ago

On PS4's FAQ they say a possible future patch.

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Neonridr1838d ago

Firmware update, problem solved, the world goes back to normal.

JoelT1838d ago

Certification would have to happen first. MS applied for theirs back in the spring. I think this is much further off than you think, and like the #PS4noDRM campaign earlier in the year, people are going to have to rally to make it happen.

xHeavYx1838d ago

The hell are you talking about? Sony never planned on having any type of DRM, unless you believe that tech guy and his "unnamed" sources

Neonridr1838d ago

Well even if that was true, that's not a distraction for me.

A) I use my PC as my DLNA server and I connect to it via Serviio through my home theater system.

B) I don't listen to MP3's on my game console.

These are things that will get worked out in due time.

bomboclaat_gamer1838d ago


unnamed sources huh
just like the unnamed devs who talk crap about the xbox one


xHeavYx1838d ago


What a moronic statement, you can easily find a list of well known developers who use their own Twitter account to talk about the One

Death1838d ago

No DRM on PS4? What keeps you from playing your games without the disc or accessing your friends digital downloads without their user ID and password? I'll give you a hint, it's DRM. Digital Rights Management is available in several forms. The 24 hour check in Microsoft proposed replaced the DRM that checks to see if the disc is in the drive when you access the ripped copy on the HDD. DRM is also responsible for preventing you from ripping CD's to MP3's or even accessing them in some devices.

Brix901838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


If thats the case then MS still has DRM considering they wont let you rip music from cds at launch and no external hdd to access music.
I think this issue will be taken care of by the 2nd update.

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Hicken1838d ago

Except in the minds of the fanboys, who will equate this to Microsoft's DRM debacle.

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GmIsOnPt3601838d ago

its sony so its ok :0...if it were evil MS then world would be ablaze lol

Hicken1838d ago

If it was the evil MS, they would have spent a month saying, "You don't need DLNA and MP3 support; those things aren't the future," followed by, "People aren't ready for the future, so we have to tell them what it is." Then they'd say, "Well, we can't just flip a switch and add MP3 playback and DLNA support." Then they'd change it the next day.

Sony was like, "Oh, you guys wanted this? Alright, we'll make it happen."

theWB271838d ago

Or, since Sony has a major music division itself, already had the stuf built into the machine. Microsoft didn't have t say anything cause it was already there.

Your cries about it being a gaming machine is stupid. It has multimedia functions. Therefore the sole focus of the machine isn't games. You can listen to music, watch movies and view pics, surf the web and all other things THAT DOESN'T DEAL WITH GAMING. So quit acting as if that's the PS4's only focus...cause it isn't Hicken.

You to seem to think they did this by accident. No, they did this in order to try and push Music Unlimited subscriptions in order to boost revenue. There is no other reason for a company that has a major music division with recording artists to take away a feature that's been there before. Evil Microsoft already had the feature, Good Guy Sony took it away to boost revenue to Music Unlimited. S....M....H -_-

Conzul1838d ago

No, it's not ok for either company to do such a thing. But Shu is watching over us.... he'll make it right.

Death1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Makes sense Hicken. Microsoft would try to replace it with new technology and Sony would simply have no clue that people wanted it. I guess this was just one small thing the devs forgot to mention to Sony when they were helping design the console. I mean with custom soundtracks dating to 2002 with the original Xbox, I can see how easy it would be for Sony to forget. Not understanding the benefit of DNLA sharing is also understandable, especially given the fact Sony is such a large company and not all departments share information or have internet access or maybe even access to existing products. I can see how they may have missed this,

Like you said though, it's all cool now since gamers told Sony they actually wanted these features and now they are hard at work coming up with a solution. I mean, that is almost the definition of innovation isn't it? Listening to customers wants and needs after the fact and scrambling to add them in before they go else where. Thank god they nailed party chat on the PS3 when they heard it was actually a pretty cool thing before the system launched. Could you imagine if they failed to include that promised feature in the 8 years the system has been out. Man, I tell you, the Xbots would have a field day if they didn't fix that.

Hicken1838d ago

Yes, Death. Let's ignore that custom soundtracks are available- at the developer's discretion- on PS3. Let's ignore that Sony's been pretty well focused on making it a gaming-first console, which would put these things on the backburner. Developers are concerned about making games; after all, it IS a video game console. So why would they say anything about it? They spend the trouble of coding for music for specific scenes, picking various tracks for their effects; the musicians put their all into bringing out the emotion in each selection. Of course, they'd want to just override all that, right?

No, it's not innovation, but it IS giving your consumers what they want, rather than telling them what they want, like Microsoft did. A purpose-built gaming console lacking a multimedia feature that's as simple as a software patch isn't a big deal.

Party chat was hardly out, itself, when the PS3 released. Hell, it wasn't even a launch feature of the 360. But I guess we should conveniently ignore that, too. As far as cross game or party chat was concerned, was there any significant number of PS3 gamers that wanted it? Good for folks if they did, but I have always seen it as a distraction for multiplayer games, pretty much all of which require some sort of teamwork, save for racing and sports titles. And if I'm playing something singleplayer, I most likely don't want to be talking to anyone else, anyway.

Not to mention, it's not like they simply refused to implement the feature. Rather, it was something that couldn't be done because of the architecture of the system. I guess, in order to make all those people- and you, apparently- happy, they should have completely redesigned the architecture of the PS3 mid-life in order to enable cross-game and party chat, and draw the ire of all the developers who were just getting used to the Cell and would have to learn yet ANOTHER architecture to code for.

Yes, that would have been the smarter move.

You try too freakin hard, Death. It's pretty sad to watch.

Death1838d ago

The lack of party chat was due to a technical limitation on the PS3 that couldn't be addressed with a firmware update. It wasn't untill 2011 that Sony finally acknowledged it. It turns out that some planning is needed before a consoles release in order to add some features down the line.

Choice oddly never matters to you when it's convenient. Because you do not want the ability to contact your friends while they are in another game or watching a movie, no one wants it. Microsoft places these features in the system OS instead of rely on developers that might want to use it. They think ahead and actually take a proactive approach to bringing new features instead of reactive. By implementing Kinect in the hardware side, the features are universal. Have you any idea how hard it is to do this after release? You need simply look at party chat and how it wasn't possible on the PS3 and that is relatively simple.

As for giving consumers what they want, they didn't want broadband only gaming and HDD's. Many fought, cried, and bitched non stop about it. Without them, where wouldwe be today? There is a huge differance between giving people what they want and creating new experiences that people didn't even know were possible. That is what innovation is.

One last thing, the PS4 no matter how much you want to deny it is not a purpose built gaming console. Blu-ray was invented for high definition movies which Sony has a much vested interest in. They also secured a deal with Viacom for their subscription tv service they are working on. That is what VitaTV is designed for and also a feature that will be available on the PS4. PSN is full of movies and music from their catalog also. Not to mention Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services that are not gaming related. These aren't even behind a paywall, they are accessed for free right out of the box. Other than Sony telling you the PS4 is purpose built for gaming, how did you come to that conclusion? Was it all the other non-gaming features that made you think it was for gaming only or are you simply running with a catch phrase?

p.s. since you keep saying it, I guess I'll address it. I'm not trying too hard. Just calling it as I see it. I do appreciate you taking the time to debate my views. For what it is worth I respect that about you so thanks.

helghast1021838d ago

Why is the lack of mp3 playback such an issue?
Who the hell uses their videogame console to play music? Why?

Snookies121838d ago

I do, a lot. I have my PS3 hooked up for surround sound. So I enjoy listening to music in surround on it. Not to mention custom music in games. If I'm grinding away on an RPG or something, it's nice to be able to put on my own music to listen to for a while.

famoussasjohn1838d ago

Some people play music while they play their games. This was a feature in the previous gen, so why isn't it a feature for next gen?

Conzul1838d ago

I do.
I, a concerned customer with buying power and a Twitter account.

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