Making Sense of no MP3 or DLNA Support on PlayStation 4

Joel Taveras writes, "Last week, SCEA took to the PlayStation Blog to publish a rather large and thorough FAQ for the upcoming PlayStation 4. It was a way for the console-maker to get its own facts straight a solid two weeks before launch. The FAQ quickly drew negative attention to itself as it began to look like a long list of things that the hype-beasting PlayStation 4 apparently can’t do. The two biggest standouts being the lack of DLNA functionality and MP3 playback. And then the pitchforks came out."

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xHeavYx1388d ago

Outdated article, Sony already confirmed MP3 and DLNA support in a future patch

JoelT1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Where's the confirmation? You have a link? PlayStation Blog FAQ was updated and still states otherwise.

UltimateMaster1388d ago

Yoshida tweeted it that it will be taken into consideration.

Abriael1388d ago

@UltimateMaster: which is no confirmation of anything.

Dno1388d ago

gotta read facts before posting this sony is already adding this.

Abriael1388d ago

@Dno: no it's not. Yoshida said he'll "speak to the developers" for future consideration. there's a whole big difference between that and "is already adding".

You're the one that gotta read the facts, instead of turning wishful thinking into fact.

brave27heart1388d ago

@JoelT and Abriael

Thank God theres a few rational people left who dont equate rumour to fact.

FrigidDARKNESS1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Their were no confirmation it was made up by the SDF. No other major gaming sites confirmed it.

decrypt1388d ago

Well Sony is a corporation after all they would rather people paid for their music services.

Any platform backed by a corporation can never be cheap or look after the interests of the end user. You would have to retort to an open platform such as PC for that.

FamilyGuy1388d ago

It's "under consideration", that's not confirmation but it is a sign of hope. At least they came out right away to let us know they're listening to us.

My biggest issue is with them having the thought that not having these features would be okay. We had them with PS3 so why would they not have them on PS4?

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sigfredod1388d ago

Still we need to keep writing tweets to Kaz, Jack and Shu until an official statement about this beign implemented is release, i want my MP3 playback back!

da1writer1388d ago

Agreed, I'm in a Twitter campaign for those interested to put out your concern in regards to no MP3, DLNA, and External HDD. Our hashtags are #PS4noDLNA and #PS4MP3. Be sure to share to others to send their concern to @yosp and @PlayStation. Get the word out until we get what we want ;)!

da1writer1388d ago

Agreed, I'm currently part of a Twitter campaign rallying for those concerned about this. If you wanttoo voice your concerns over there being no MP3, no DLNA, and No External HDD support on the PS4, join us! Tweet to @yosp and @PlayStation your concern with our hashtags #PS4noDLNA and #PS4MP3! I know together with all our voices, we could blow this up like the #NoDRM campaign maybe! Please share and join us!

Abriael1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

They did not confirm anything for a future patch. Yoshida said he'll talk to the developers for a possible implementation.

"confirmation" is a whole different thing.

So no. Nothing here is outdated.

chikane1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


and that makes it all better right.. Features that should be there from the start. God damn its only a MP3 399$ and a next 10 year system and it cant even play a simple MP3 from the start

xHeavYx1388d ago

Right, because not being able to play MP3 is such a problem, makes all games unplayable, mysteriously forces your PS4 to connect online every 10 minutes and eats your babies.

Death1388d ago


Yet people claim that Kinect is always on and reporting you to the NSA if they aren't constantly watching you through it anyway. Granted there is a better chance of Kinect spying then a PS4 eating a baby, but that's because PS4's don't have teeth.

Godmars2901388d ago

From what I understand this issue, which isn't even worth consideration, is now a consideration for a second, and unannounced, update. That it could come in six days after launch, or six months. That's not conformation.

JsonHenry1388d ago

I'm keeping my fingers crossed it gets added in an update.

1388d ago
Naga1388d ago


I don't know why this is so hard to comprehend.

saulx61388d ago

@Abriael it may be wishful thinking but as we learned from the ps3 that if the community wants it and it can be possible then Sony will implement it. They have added so much throughout the years on the ps3. I expect a patch in the near future.

joe901388d ago

No custom MP3 for your Helicopter journeys in MGS:V

NO Flight of the Valkyries.mp3 for you.

headblackman1388d ago

you didn't think about that one or even try to research that one before you said that did you? dlna isn't a feature that can be turned on with an update. the hardware has to be there for that feature. so i ask you sir, where was this article at where you read this nonsense?

nukeitall1388d ago

Sony is not a money greedy and never concerns themselves about their business. They only think of their consumers best, and that is why they removed MP3 and DLNA support. /sarcasm

xHeavYx1388d ago

I would say /lametrollingattempt. MS original policies were way worse than not being able to play MP3

QuickdrawMcgraw1387d ago

On PS4's FAQ they say a possible future patch.

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Neonridr1388d ago

Firmware update, problem solved, the world goes back to normal.

JoelT1388d ago

Certification would have to happen first. MS applied for theirs back in the spring. I think this is much further off than you think, and like the #PS4noDRM campaign earlier in the year, people are going to have to rally to make it happen.

xHeavYx1388d ago

The hell are you talking about? Sony never planned on having any type of DRM, unless you believe that tech guy and his "unnamed" sources

Neonridr1388d ago

Well even if that was true, that's not a distraction for me.

A) I use my PC as my DLNA server and I connect to it via Serviio through my home theater system.

B) I don't listen to MP3's on my game console.

These are things that will get worked out in due time.

bomboclaat_gamer1388d ago


unnamed sources huh
just like the unnamed devs who talk crap about the xbox one


xHeavYx1388d ago


What a moronic statement, you can easily find a list of well known developers who use their own Twitter account to talk about the One

Death1388d ago

No DRM on PS4? What keeps you from playing your games without the disc or accessing your friends digital downloads without their user ID and password? I'll give you a hint, it's DRM. Digital Rights Management is available in several forms. The 24 hour check in Microsoft proposed replaced the DRM that checks to see if the disc is in the drive when you access the ripped copy on the HDD. DRM is also responsible for preventing you from ripping CD's to MP3's or even accessing them in some devices.

Brix901388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


If thats the case then MS still has DRM considering they wont let you rip music from cds at launch and no external hdd to access music.
I think this issue will be taken care of by the 2nd update.