The Verge- Preview:We play with the Steam Machine, Valve's game console of the future

TV:We left Valve's headquarters with the biggest, most important questions unanswered — questions that will determine whether the Steam Machine could legitimately challenge game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Valve wouldn't tell me who the company's hardware and software partners are, what Steam Machines or the Steam Controller will cost, or which killer games might make the Linux-based SteamOS an attractive Windows alternative.

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Yukicore1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to play a game like Batman Arkham Origins with that controller, the X,B,A,Y buttons are just not placed in comfortable position for games like that.

You won't be able to use movement joystick when pressing Y or X buttons on the controller

Roccetarius1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Try playing a game like Vanquish using this controller. I'm pretty sure that'll cause some problems. :)

0ut1awed1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

You guys realize that the X, B, A, Y buttons are probably more used for menu selection and stuff of that nature right?

The trackpad is where all the interactive buttons will be.

If you look closely you can see it's split into three different circles and devs have the ability to "slice" up those circles into different buttons, up to 8 I think. That means it's possible to have up to 24 buttons on EACH trackpad.

So the possibility of around 50 buttons without even leaving your fingers from the track pad. Quite impressive. Between that and the precision allowed by the trackpad, this thing was made to basically put a mouse/keyboard into controller forum.

Also as cyguration mentioned below, there are extra triggers on the underside of the controller allowing for even more input without have to move your fingers off the trackpad.

wannabe gamer1869d ago

look at the screenshot in the article showing metro controller layout. XYAB isnt used for normal functions like we are used to. they are used for menus and toggles/ they really need to name them something other than XYAB cause it is causing confusion with people incorrectly comparing them to xbox controller when it doesnt mirror that at all

zerocrossing1869d ago

Before I've actually used it I wouldn't really like to comment, but I couldn't imagine the controller working well with certain games.

MrCastle1869d ago

Ever play a game on iphone? The touch buttons never seem to be placed properly for you to know where your fingers are. You literally have to look down all the time to reset your finger position. I used to use my iphone as a controller for some of my emulators and I hated it. I guess Im a button-pusher.

0ut1awed1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

@ MrCastle

And that's what their haptic feedback technology is for, which is supposedly the best implementation of it to date. It creates the feeling of physical texture and buttons anywhere on the trackpad with a very precise version of vibration.

At least look into it a little bit so you aren't criticizing it on issues that aren't really relevant.

cyguration1869d ago

The 'Y' and 'X' buttons aren't the typical replacements for the 'X' and 'Y' buttons on the Xbox controller or Square and Triangle on a PS controller.

There are additional triggers on the top and back of the Steam controller that work as face buttons. Technically, it would be EASIER to play Batman given that you wouldn't have to move your fingers from the standard resting positions to tap the additional triggers at the bottom of the controller.

mfletch5121869d ago

thats what nobody seems to understand... they dont match the same buttons.

wannabe gamer1869d ago

ppl dont want to think about it they just want to see one picture of it and without reading info on how it actually works they want to dub it a failure cause it doesnt work the way they imagine within the first 3 seconds of seeing it for the first time.

wannabe gamer1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

the buttons you are referring to arent the same at all. they are system buttons not for gameplay the right touchpad is what does the traditional XYAB inputs. it has tactile feedback so you feel the buttons in the pad even if they arent really there.

look at the article and the screenshot of the metro lastlight control config layout. those XYAB are being used for things like menus and toggls like flashlight and reloading. i see no problem with that

DigitalAnalog1869d ago

Those X,B,A,Y buttons do not have the same properties as your standard gamepad. As 0u1awed already pointed out, the trackpad has dual input capabilities. However, the controller IS customizable, so, if you want to frustrate yourself, you can apply input to said buttons if you're willing.

mhunterjr1869d ago

It's a pc. So you can just use your xbox or DS4 controller for those types of games....

kwyjibo1869d ago

Read the article.

The buttons are one the back, and the trackpads allow for digital touch controls too.

starchild1868d ago

You guys can't seem to think outside of your little box. You won't be using the same buttons, and that is what some of you can't seem to grasp.

You will be using the rear buttons and shoulder buttons more, not to mention the buttons under the trackpads.

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kingduqc1868d ago

I find it better looking then the Xbone really..

ps4 looks better as far as looks goes.But really I could not careless even if it was shaped like a dick.

NeoTribe1869d ago

I really don't think this thing is gonna do well in the market.

Naga1869d ago

While I won't fully write it off until I get my dirty paws on it, I'm very unenthusiastic about this controller.

caperjim1869d ago

I love Steam but I cant see console gamers jumping from Sony/Microsoft to an unfamiliar console while trying to learn a new control method.

mdluffy1869d ago

This is probably more for pc gamers, that just want the same relaxing console but with the power of the pc.

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