Nintendo To Increase Production of Wii to 2.4 Million a Month

Demand for the Wii has been huge. Heck, according to Nintendo of America honcho Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii consoles sit on US shelves for only an hour before being snapped up. But, Nintendo of America's parent company Nintendo Co., Ltd. is playing things safe. Insiders tell us that it's planning to ramp up production, but only a little.

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PS360WII3885d ago

There we go more is better. Soon demand will be attained!

ChickeyCantor3885d ago

Expect Haters to create a new conspiracy theory!!


desolationstorm3885d ago

I gotta assume they have something up their sleeve since most of their big things are out in japan now and by june out in almost every territory so I couldnt really see demand stay sky high for to much longer, but Im always suprised to see who has a wii.

As was actually at a get together at my older brothers place and these people really are not gamers, but every couple had a wii. Some actually owned some legit games too. I told them all to go buy Zack and Wiki for 19.99 right away.

jinn3885d ago

the dustbunnies have already begun pre ordering

wiizy3885d ago

even that may not be enough with the wii launching in korea and china later this year.....the competition wish they had those issues