AMD Mantle News - Cloud Imperium, Eidos Montreal & Oxide Will Support It

DSOGaming writes: "AMD announced today that Cloud Imperium Games, Eidos Montreal and Oxide Games are the latest game developers will be using its latest API, Mantle, in order to optimize the way PC games are developed."

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Krosis1864d ago

Anything that advocates AMD is a plus for me. Nvidia makes good hardware but to me they are just overpriced and arrogant (IMHO). Much like Intel vs AMD, I vouch for the company that offers the best performance to price ratio--and AMD has owned that market in that sense for me. Team red (and saving money) FTW.

john21864d ago

So now we have four studios supporting Mantle (CI, EIDOS, Oxide and DICE). Slightly Mad Studios may also support it. Curious to see whether other devs will support it

mewhy321864d ago

Well that's exciting. I have an HD 7850 1Gig GDDR5. I'm pumped about this news.

hellvaguy1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I see wut mean about more performace with stock amds. But idk I could just OC an nvidia if I wanted my gpu to be more noisey and get hot enough to grill burgers on it like how amd does it.

FlyingFoxy1864d ago

Glad to see PC games are finally going to have console level optimization thanks to AMD

fossilfern1864d ago

Double edged sword though anyone who has Nvidia GPUs or an AMD GPU prior to the GCN architecture being introduced wont benefit from this at all. I will get the benefits since im using an R9 270X but thats me.

starchild1864d ago

Yeah, I have an HD 7950 so this will be nice for me too, but I hope the industry settles on a more universal low level API for PC.

Truthandreason1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


You can't have a low level API without shutting other people out because it involves programming to the strengths of your specific GPU architecture. The opposite of this is direct X, which exists because it unifies all GPUs and emulates their shaders to work the same which saves developers time at the cost of power, because other wise they would have to make two versions of the game.

The good thing about Mantle is you dont have to build a game from the ground up using it (which would exclude compatibility with Nvidia). Essentially (oversimplifying this) they just find things that DX commonly does or does poorly and tell your game to bypass DX and send that processing straight through Mantle which can do it much faster. So they can pick and choose what to improve that will help the game the most.

hellvaguy1862d ago


Or more likely it could have the opposite effect and add to even more segmenting of the market.