Dark Souls II Gets 27 New Screenshots; Looks Gritty and Awesome

From Software just released a large batch of new screenshots of the upcoming Dark Souls II, that will hit the shelves for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on March the 11th.

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Master-H1839d ago

Looking good, they better not mess the next US beta up, i swear to god...

BlackTar1871839d ago

I was so happy they messed it up. I was so excited to play it and then it matched up with my brothers move and then mother in laws Birthday. was so bummed. I celebrated when they annouced i hadn't missed it.

Captain Qwark 91839d ago


farqy1839d ago

After this then I'm ps4 bound. Going to be the last hurrah for the ps3. And a damn good one I might add.

BlackTar1871839d ago

this won't be out for awhile.

But yes my last ps3 games are Xcom expansion and Dark Souls 2 . Then i will retire my ps3 to my bedroom for my wife since my bedroom original 20gig burned out 2 months ago.