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How Sony's Most Creative Studio Rose From The Ashes

The Tokyo-based Japan Studio, responsible for PlayStation 2 classics such as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the Ape Escape franchise, seemed A.W.O.L. for much of the PS3 generation. Now, on the eve of the PlayStation 4's release, Japan studio is trying to make a major comeback. I went to Tokyo to find out how. (Culture, ICO / Shadow of the Colosuss, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan)

dboyc310  +   266d ago
I would love a full blown ape escape game. Ape escape 2 was the best one with the fun weapons and cool mini games. Remember playing the soccer game with the monkeys with my brother the majority of the time in that game.
NewMonday  +   266d ago
finally an article worth reading that doesn't involve console wars.

Allan Becker is the guy who founded SSM studios, so they mean business.
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stevehyphen  +   266d ago
This, truly, was a good read.

I hope the types of games that Japan Studio makes will never cease to exist.
zeee  +   266d ago
I wish... I so wish every article was written like that. Mr. Ashcraft wrote a brilliant piece. This is a MUST read article. Everything's just perfect. It felt more like reading a small book, a very nice story and I adored it.

I wish Studio Japan the best! I can't wait to see what else they throw at us. So far, I have heard great things about Puppeteer :)

There is no PR spin in this article. It's just filled with how Sony's trying to change things around and I am dead sure we'll soon see the results.
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DiRtY  +   266d ago
Knack ist the oh-so-great comeback...?!
WeAreLegion  +   266d ago
One of these days, DiRtY! ONE OF THESE DAYS!
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Majin-vegeta  +   266d ago
At least it's running 1080 and not 720...
scott182  +   266d ago
I think knack looks good. It looks like a cool platformer, why are people hating on it?
DCfan  +   266d ago
Because it has no guns.
Killzoner99  +   266d ago
This article gives me chills. Sony truly is the greatest game developer in the history of the video game industry.
darthv72  +   266d ago
True that. The greatness goes back to the days of sony imagesoft. Mickey Mania on SNES/Sega CD is one of their best efforts from the 16bit days.
dark-kyon  +   266d ago
i want to be honest,i not have the chance to play puppeter,rain but how playstation fan do not like the vision of tokyo based studio of sony,"make game what being unique".
to me is most important make good games what different games,sometimes the for want to be special a can lost the real target.how i love what this studio can be working in a legend of dragoon 2,but not his work is make uniques games.
i put emphasis in the unique thing for what they in a interview left clear what make games uniques is his target,thing what i do not like to much.
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Aceman18  +   266d ago
I am one fan who bought both I just have to find time to play them lol. the Vita game Gravity Rush was one of the best games I played last year.

I hope they continue their unique games making.
NewMonday  +   266d ago
"how i love what this studio can be working in a legend of dragoon 2"

it may not be Legend of Dragoon 2, but Sony are said to be developing a JRPG like FF
Visualift  +   266d ago
With all the reports of studios closing it's great to hear a success story like the one of Japan Studio.
Inception  +   266d ago
"The Tokyo-based Japan Studio, responsible for PlayStation 2 classics such as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the Ape Escape franchise, seemed A.W.O.L. for much of the PS3 generation."

Err, they've made Loco Roco, The Eye of Judgement, Echochrome, The Last Guy, Siren: Blood Curse, Tokyo Jungle, Rain, Puppeteer, colaborated with Lvl 5 for WKC, and colaborated with From Soft for Demon's Souls. So how the hell Japan Studio seemed AWOL for PS3?

Complaint aside, i'm interested with Allan Becker & Japan Studio projects in the future such as Freedom Wars and Knack. Rain already gave me some taste of Allan & Japan Studio did with small title. But while they're making new & fresh IP's, i hope they not forgot with Sony classic franchise such as Legend of Dragoon or Wild Arms :)
Blastoise  +   266d ago
Freedom wars looks awesome, definitely one of my most anticipated Vita games.

Didn't they help out on Soul Sacrifice too?
Inception  +   266d ago
Me too. Along with Gravity Rush 2 and Tearaway.

Oh yeah, i forgot they worked with Comcept & Marvelous AQL for Soul Sacrifice (and the sequel: SS Delta). They also work with Capcom for Deep Down.
FamilyGuy  +   266d ago
Well said throughout, "AWOL" my ass. Not only have they been making games or helped they've helped some of the most creative and innovative titles this gen. Puppeteer being a recent noteworthy title that really deserves more attention than it got. It needs a commercial before christmas and sales would definitely pick up.
JoSneak  +   266d ago
Watching the gameplay makes me want to play it! i might buy it day one along with KZ shadow fall!

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