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PS4 New Details: Library Mode, Fast and Fluid Interface, Game Menus and More

Former Bigbig Studios employee - which was a part of Sony UK until it was closed down - and developer for an unannounced PlayStation 4 game Kenny Linder has offered up some new details on the console's interface. (PS4)

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ZBlacktt  +   751d ago
Console in 11 days.... Pre order games in 8 days.
jackanderson1985  +   751d ago
heard rumors games are already selling out so i'd pre-order as soon as possible... or buy the digital copy i suppose
ZBlacktt  +   751d ago
Yeah, Gamestop said they are releasing my games ( AC4 and BF4 ) on the 12th. I can get Killzone now.
xHeavYx  +   751d ago
Remember there is a rumor that Amazon will give you a free game if you pre-order 2
G_Hartley_  +   751d ago
Gamestop have shipped COD.. Waiting on Fifa 14 to ship on the 11th.. PS4 shipped on the 14th
mewhy32  +   751d ago
Already preordered Shadow Fall, PS4, and extra DS4. I got the DS4 in last week.
ohiostatesman  +   751d ago
Doesn't seem as fast as the Xbox One interface. MS is known for building OS so I'm not surprised.
andrewsqual  +   751d ago
@ohiostatesman Yes we know. Vista was only replaced 3 years ago now remember?
ShinMaster  +   751d ago
@ ohiostatesman

Microsoft hasn't shown live demos of the XBO's UI yet. That demo video you watched was BS.
Bathyj  +   750d ago
Yes I remember how good that snap feature looked when he had a remote control in his pocket at the first demo. MS are also known for blowing smoke and unreliable hardware.
alexkoepp  +   751d ago
Don't understand it, 11 days, 18 for Microsoft, and almost no UI footage at all, what are they thinking?
Xsilver  +   751d ago
seems like were waiting a full year hurry up NOv 15 the suspense from the Sony event is also killing me.
cell989  +   751d ago
somehow Im more exited about the Sony Even than actually getting my PS4 Nov 15 lol
Ps4Console  +   750d ago
The Eagle has landed ..........look out the future is awe inspiring only with Sony .
MAULxx  +   750d ago
Did Gamestop tell anyone else that you have to come in on the 14th between 6-7pm, finalize & get a pick up slip? Then come back at 11:30pm to pick up all your goodies.
This is what they told me. Kinda sucks. But, this is Gamestop.
I already paid off everything, shouldn't I be able to just come at midnight & pick up my stuff? Also, the whole point of me cancelling my amazon preorder & going with Gamestop was to be there before midnight & BS with everyone & enjoy all the launch day excitement.
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Majin-vegeta  +   751d ago
Looks nice fast and sleek me gusta :D.

Here's the video for people who are on mobile.
Mustang300C2012  +   751d ago
That was it? Scrolling through a menu back and forth over and over and no one signed in.
Fil101  +   751d ago
Lol that's what I thought.
Nodoze  +   751d ago
That video sucked! Sony release something official please.
Prime157  +   750d ago
I agree, that could have been summed up in 3 seconds. That and I think we've seen it already.

Also, kid [in the video], you're at an expo, stop trying to connect it to the internet/what's new.
GirlOnFire  +   751d ago
Thank you! ^~^
I loved the music lol! I got even more excitement when my 4 PS4s arrive on Nov 15!!! ^~^
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chrissx  +   751d ago
Really sleek,nice touch. Just a matter of days now
Themba76  +   751d ago
I agree man the wait is just killing me right now. it seems the days are getting longer.
arexw  +   751d ago
it did get longer by an hour on saturday :P, northern hemisphere at least
1OddWorld  +   751d ago
@arexw - I felt every minute of that hour.

I cant wait for the 15th.

PS4 + PSEye + Extra DS4 + Battlefield 4 + PS Dual Charger......

I'm going to go bananas up in this piece if the 15th doesn't hurry the F-Up.
trancefreak  +   750d ago
ALL I know is if UPS doesn't show by 11/15/2013 8pm with my PS4 its going to be a long weekend for the UPS driver that traverses my street everyday.
davethedj  +   751d ago
live with playstation will it be on launch? anyone knows?
sandman224  +   751d ago
That's the best looking UI I've ever seen Sony doing it right.
5eriously  +   751d ago
Greatness awaits!

But only for the wise consumers!
arexw  +   751d ago
actually greatness awaits for those who get both.
haters gonna hate
TheEnigma313  +   751d ago
Nah, no need for both at such an early stage in the gen.
NeoTribe  +   751d ago
Sorry, not everyone wants both. Especially now that both have a yearly charge.
Pogmathoin  +   751d ago
Seriously stupid statement... You say things like that, makes you seem more MS than MS 5eriously....
PsylentKiller  +   751d ago
I am getting the XB1 but I am truly excited for you and everyone else getting the PS4 because that means the next gen will have officially begun.
Gore-Content  +   751d ago
Now, this is some useful news I was looking for! Very informative. Thanks for posting.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   751d ago
Can the PS4 play my music CD's?And can I transfer all my music from my PS3 to the PS4?I was told I can't.That I would have to pay a monthly fee to Sony if I want to listen to music on the PS4.Is this true?
Pintheshadows  +   751d ago
It doesn't support CD's. It also currently doesn't support mp3's either but that is being fixed with a patch after the console launches. How soon after? Who knows.
MoonConquistador  +   751d ago
Why so many disagrees for Quickdraw? He was asking a question for a start and everything he said in it was true. There's a stench of denial around this whole issue from some. I'm a huge Sony fan, but they have yet to confirm any update to address the mp3 issue, so stop with the bs Pintheshadows.

Just to add Quickdraw, you also can't plug external drives into or stream movies/music from other devices like you could with the ps3.
SonyKong64  +   750d ago
sadly it doesn't play my old cassette tapes or records = (

I mean really Sony, what were you thinking? The poor lad that works for Microsoft just wants to play his compact discs lol
PositiveEmotions  +   751d ago
Im really loving the new look on the Dynamic Menu :).
Iltapalanyymi  +   751d ago
Oh my i just want to get my PS4 already!
Mogwai  +   751d ago
Us aussies are getting the xbone first on 22nd and ps4 on 29th both with a mark up of $100 and $50 respectively (disrespective really) and our games are generally $98! Fuckin sucks man! But ill still be getting a ps4 and consider importing games.
The_Ozymandias  +   751d ago
Maybe it's just me, but there was a lull in my excitement for the PS4 over the last week or two, and, for some strange reason, this article just made me really excited again.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   751d ago
Target is having a buy 2 get 1 free 2 day sale starting launch day
J-SLIQUE187  +   751d ago
Damn me and my "do everything last minute" ways! Now I have to wait for the second wave (whenever that will be) of PS4's to hit shelves before I can get my hands on a Dualshock 4 :(

Only thing that makes it worth waiting is I still have plenty games to finish on PS3. Beyond, Arkham Origins, GTA V, and getting the Platinum on TLOU should soften the blow.
felidae  +   751d ago
pretty boring ... but at least it's functional!
moparful99  +   751d ago
I've been a gamer for the better part of 25 years now and have never bought a console at launch.. But this year that all changes, PS4 pre ordered and paid in full.. I'm numb from anticipation.. Almost doesn't seem real.
dmeador  +   751d ago
So do you guys honestly think it looks good or are you just excited to get your hands on it? To me it looks very boring and doesn't show any improvements from the PS3, just a line of icons, which I hate. Fluid, yes, difficult navigating, yes
punisher99  +   751d ago

"doesn't show any improvements from the PS3,"

Are you serious? Have you seen any videos on it on youtube? Because i have. With the PS4's UI you can make a purchase in the ps store while in game, you can play a game while its downloading and installing, (PS4's background processing feature) ofcourse their is cross game chat, there is also the ability to download the multiplayer portion of a game first so you can play it while the single player downloads. Thats just a few things off the top of my head.
edonus   751d ago | Spam
Hayder  +   751d ago
Didn't see anything special to be honest, I just hope Sony take a page out of Microsoft's book and integrate the store into the UI instead of having a separate application. Can't wait until the launch! Sucks that I have to wait longer though as I'm from the UK :(
nevin1  +   751d ago
In a way, it seems like their keeping the PSP/PS3's XMB concept. Which is not a bad thing. But I'm waiting for full breakdown video.
Daves  +   751d ago
I want sparkles dammit! :)
cell989  +   751d ago
soon...... very very soon....
Shad0wRunner  +   750d ago
Figured we'd be seeing Eric Lempell do a full OS breakdown of the PS4 UI, soon.

Anyone remember THIS guy???

DivineAssault  +   750d ago
I really want to watch these videos but i REFUSE to see this baby in action until its in my home in a cpl weeks.. My cherry will be popped when im sitting on my couch in front of my LED so i see all these features & fluidity 1st hand.. Im sooo damn tempted to look but wont do it until launch day comes & its here at home
Mrgolden79  +   750d ago
I really hope the library feature is a catalog of all games you own. Its currently a pain to go through your download history to see all games you have purchased.
bluem00se  +   750d ago
YES, totally agree. I've been wanting this feature for a while now.I really hope this "library mode" is similar to Steam. I want to be able to see every game I own show up on my PS4 menu in a list, including games in my purchase history/PS+ free games that I have/ disc based games that I have installed at one point or another, even if they are not installed currently. On those games there should just be an "install" option next to them. I just want to be able to see my entire collection on my PS4. It would make it easier for me to delete games I no longer play because I'd still remember everything I own and see them in my digital collection.

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