Call of Duty: Ghosts - Microtransactions

Call of Duty: Ghosts adds a lot of new stuff to the game – well, by Call of Duty standards at least. New gamemodes, perk system, attachments and so on. They've also added a new way of unlocking them too. Typically, in a Call of Duty title, rank and XP determine what you unlock. When it came to weapon attachments, using that weapon in particular would unlock more parts for it. In Call of Duty: Ghosts that's all there but there is also another method, Squad points.

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allformats1841d ago

You might as well have said: Shooters, Microtransactions, as BF4 and other top shooters have been doing the same.

RamsesNum11841d ago

Yeah but you can't buy certain weapons in Battlefield. You buy DLCs like maps and weapon sets. In games like Blacklight Retribution, where it has been Free to Play since the get-go, you can.

amguitarman1840d ago

Battlefield 3 had the option to unlock every weapon and attachment in the game for a mere $40. They sell more than just map packs.

AgentFlex1841d ago

i enjoy call of duty ghosts more than the last couple of cods. it would be a shame if winning in videogames only counts on how much you are willing to pay.