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Submitted by jackanderson1985 825d ago | interview

Xbox One Resolutiongate: Call of Duty: Ghosts dev Infinity Ward responds

Call of Duty: Ghosts has found itself in the firing line of the next-gen console power war. With Infinity Ward's COD: Ghosts a next-gen launch title, the news that the PlayStation 4 version runs at 1080p resolution native, whereas the Xbox One version runs at 720p native upscaled to 1080p, was seen as a huge blow to Microsoft. This from a game series that over the course of the current-generation has become synonymous with Xbox. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, Microsoft, Xbox One)

allformats  +   825d ago | Well said
In essence he's saying PS4 is more powerful, easier to developer for, and the little time of releasing a game on so many platforms, they simply couldn't get more out of the difficult architect of the Xbox One -- most notably the ESRAM bottlenecks, to make it run at a higher resolution.

Question is, if a developer like Infinity Ward, a studio I'm sure received dev kits way before other studios because of Call of Duty, cannot get COD: Ghosts at 1080p on Xbox One but easily gets it on PS4, the future really looks bleak for Microsoft's new console.

And one more thing, Rubin said they managed to get the game running 1080p on Xbox One, but they "couldn't get the frame rate in the neighbourhood we wanted it to be."

This is damning.
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PFFT  +   825d ago | Well said
In essence he didnt say that. Stop wishing he did.
Septic  +   825d ago
Its interesting to note that the decision to make the X1 version 720 was "a late decision, too. That call wasn't made until a month ago."

Also, it does seem that 1080p was possible on the X1:

"It's very possible we can get it to native 1080p. I mean I've seen it working at 1080p native. It's just we couldn't get the frame rate in the neighbourhood we wanted it to be."

But ultimately, it isn't in 1080p and that's the problem. The X1 and PS4 have swapped roles from their predecessors now; now the former console is more difficult to develop for.

However, the problem here is that, unlike the last gen, there is a difference in power, and that favours the easier to develop for console, the PS4. So whilst developers finally get accustomed to the X1 architecture, be it ESRAM or whatever the 'problem' is, development on the PS4 will also improve. I did not expect such a big difference early on in the game between the two consoles but expect that gap to continue to widen as time goes on.

For me, this 'resolution fiasco' has already set a precedent. Enough is enough I think. The standard has been set and the proof is in the pudding. If you want the superior version of a multiplat game in terms of tech, the PS4 version will be the one to go for, (although I predict some anomalies to creep up in the future).

It's going to be an interesting generation this one, that's for sure.
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GentlemenRUs  +   825d ago
The Truth is a beach isn't it :P
JokesOnYou  +   825d ago
Mark Rubin: "It's very possible we can get it to native 1080p. I mean I've seen it working at 1080p native. It's just we couldn't get the frame rate in the neighbourhood we wanted it to be.

And it wasn't a lack of effort. It wasn't that it was like last minute. We had the theoretical hardware for a long time. That's the thing you get pretty quickly and that doesn't change dramatically. It was more about resource allocation. The resource allocation is different on the consoles."

"As an obvious analogy - and if people are not sure about this it's pretty simple - look at Call of Duty 2 versus COD 4. It was a massive leap forward in graphics, and that's just because it takes time to get through this."

-Just as I thought they needed more time as the X1 was still changing up until a month ago. Still what pisses me off if its more about quality why not delay the X1 version and just be honest and say due to getting final specs, dev tools, sdk's with new allocations late, whatever just be transparent and folks will understand a delay of the X1 version a bit after launch to get things optimized (or have no choice), but lets not be naive we know exactly why that didnt happen this is Activisions cash cow its all about getting the most sales on all the platforms for the holiday window.
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svoulis  +   825d ago
Actually PFFT. ITs pretty much exactly what he said. Even admitting they had the XO hardware for a while. It doesn't matter though because people should get what they want, and play where they'll play.

It's just all getting old at this point. At first it was interesting, now that we know exactly whats going on. People just need to accept it, let it go and move on.

The only thing that bugs that I have to pay more for a console that is less powerful then the competitor. This could say a lot for the long run.

Either way PS4 and XO will be in my living room by march.
Army_of_Darkness  +   825d ago

Your right bro, Activision should have taken more time on the xbone version because if they did I'm sure that they would have achieved 900p like that "exclusive" ryse game;-)
Dacapn  +   825d ago

It's funny because a few days ago you were raging saying you wouldn't buy this because they half-assed the X1 version.

Fast forwared to today:

Just as I thought they needed more time as the X1 was still changing up until a month ago...

I can't take you seriously.
P0werVR  +   825d ago
"It's very possible we can get it to native 1080p"

So factors due to time constraints, recently receiving new SDKs, early difficulty for Xbox One and FIVE platforms.

Makes a lot of sense now. Future games won't be an issue and will make up for it real quick. Compared to some assumptions that this will be the "theme" of next gen between both consoles.
Sayai jin  +   825d ago

I disagree. Games on consoles get better as far as game play and graphics over their lifespan. It is no secret that the XB1 is harder to develop and for and IMO MS should have kept the ease of dev like they had with the 360. Are devs to lazy because they are not yet optimizing the XB1 architecture, no. It takes time. A very common narrative this gen was that devs were lazy early on because they could not optimize the PS3's cell. It took time, but was worth it.
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Maddens Raiders  +   825d ago
..."But if we just turn this upside down and remove that and maybe tighten this...there...oh bums Sony have now jumped forward as well. Once you are playing catch up it's hard to make ground. Bad decisions right at the start are hurting already."
NewMonday  +   825d ago
Mark Rubin: "There's stuff in the console's OS that interacts with the game. So, for instance, voice chat is often supported by the hardware manufacturer rather than the software, and you're just using their channel. <<When that stuff is changing>> - because they're developing it on their side - and the resources they're using are changing"

this confirms the reported XboxLive problems on the XB1..

"short story is that Xbox Live and the OS, especially in functions that involve XBL, are a complete fucking mess. One source says we aren’t talking weeks until it works correctly but months..The system OS and network integration was written by a group of people who do not play games. They don’t understand why things were set up in the ways they were designed by J Allard back in ’05..Let me get into some technical detail regarding it – on 360, the OS handles all of the party and chat functionality. All you do is hook up the XBL VOiP OS API into your game, and it does most of the work for you..However, this system is entirely different on Xbox One..In essence, it is almost EXACTLY how it was on the PS3, and it is in those API “handshakes” that is breaking the online experience"
Ezz2013  +   825d ago

i agree with you on every word
SilentNegotiator  +   825d ago
"Still what pisses me off if its more about quality why not delay the X1 version"

If you can't think of at least 3 reasons, you aren't very in tune with this industry.

1) Marketing would be fragmented.
2) Ghosts won't likely be the hottest new thing in Q1 2014...time will diminish appeal and cause the Xbox sales to be WAY lower than they would have been.
3) They would have to be insane to cross Microsoft, spender of 100s of millions on timed exclusive DLC, by releasing one of the hottest games of the year late on the Xbox.
4) It would waste time/resources otherwise devoted to creating the next game. It's not their job to spend a bunch of extra time circumventing bottlenecks. Sony learned their lesson but apparently MS did not learn from others' mistakes.

Ghosts isn't the only 720p game on Xbox One. We had racers at almost 1080p60fps LAST generation, so Forza being 1080p60fps really isn't very impressive. If you're going to pretend that every game that isn't at 1080p on Xbox One was just lazily done, you aren't going to think very highly of many 8th gen games.
Saigon  +   825d ago
So to me it sounds like they have one or the other while in development so far. Either 1080p and lower frame rate or higher frame rate and lower resolution.

I am sure they will figure this out but the biggest question is how long.
gaffyh  +   825d ago
So seems like it wasn't powerful enough to do 1080 at 60fps, in the time they had, so they had to drop the resolution to get the framerate. Basically confirms that the PS4 is easier to develop for than the Xbone. Major Nelson still can't wait until the truth is revealed. LOL.
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UltimateMaster  +   825d ago
MS PR:"I can't wait until the truth comes out!"
Well, it's out now, the PS4 is superior.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   825d ago
he was strongly hinting at it though,only a potato couldnt see that
4lc4pon3  +   825d ago
PFFT go home your drunk
quenomamen  +   825d ago
Well then please tell us what you think he meant to say.
Phoenix76  +   825d ago

"As an obvious analogy - and if people are not sure about this it's pretty simple - look at Call of Duty 2 versus COD 4. It was a massive leap forward in graphics, and that's just because it takes time to get through this."

Don't you mean the difference between CoD1 and 2? As I recall CoD2 and CoD4:MW used the same game engine, with 4 having upgraded texture and lighting effects.
Now CoD1 vs CoD2, now there was a real difference!
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Bigpappy  +   825d ago
@Septic: I am surprise that you are taking from this developer, that he sees X1 as less powerful. He does not hint at that whatsoever. Your responses are usually more solid than this. It seems as though this time you decided to play to the crowd.

Like JokesOnYou accurately pointed out: it is the problem M$ created when they allocated 10% of the system RESOURCES to Kinect and the OS. If M$ would change the firmware to free some more resources, these games will run just fine at 1080p resolution.

When that article came out yesterday about Embedded RAM being the issue, I told you guys it did not make any sense, because it was used effectively before on 360. Now here is a developer saying clearly that it is the shared resources that is the issue. You guy still refuse to accept this. I will not comment on this any further. This is a dead end conversation with people who are more about being fans than being honest.
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Back-to-Back  +   825d ago
In essence he wants the games to sell as many copies as possible. It would be stupid for him to admit one console has the superior version. When ps3 got the bad ports of cod I didnt hear them ever downplay the ps3.

Thats just the way it is in business(especially in America).
JasonKCK  +   825d ago
Well I'm convinced N4G mods are Sony fans or on the payroll. The double standard here is ridiculous. I see post removed for trolling all day long if it's about PS but if you trash XB it's okay.

Take things out of context much?
Ritsujun  +   824d ago
COD'd, and Xbone180'd.
Jdoki  +   825d ago
I'm no X1 fan, but lets not be dramatic here. The future is not bleak for the X1.

The vast majority of X1's will be sold to people whose understanding of resolution stops at 'HD makes the pictures on my TV better'.

As long as the games look 'good' they will be happy. Sure Sony can use it to their advantage in marketing etc but these 'X1 is doomed' comments are as ridiculous as the old 'PS3 is doomed' noise we heard a few years ago.
Sayai jin  +   825d ago
"The vast majority of X1's will be sold to people whose understanding of resolution stops at 'HD makes the pictures on my TV better'. "

Spot on, but that won't stop at just the XB1. The vast majority to buy consoles (XB1 and PS4) are to the normal consumer not us cores. Most of them are not aware of the power differences, resolution differences, etc. They will pay attention to features though...whether they are legit features or gimicky, it will still look the same to most of them
quenomamen  +   825d ago
Bleak no, will people get inferior ports of some games on it ? Yes. Will they know they are ? Some will, some wont, some wont care. Ignorance is bliss as they say.
rainslacker  +   825d ago
It seems this gen that what most people said were inferior ports on the PS3 didn't really hamper the system's sales, or keep it from being alive, so i agree. For the vast majority, these things will probably be a non-issue.

However...A sizeable part of the initial install base is made up of core gamers, and not all gamers are fan boys. They will buy the system that offers them what they want. If the X1 can't catch on fast enough and the PS4 gains a much larger market share, it could mean that the X1 will get less of those ports, which for the long term could definitely hamper it.

It's not all doom and gloom though. I really believe the X1 will do fine over it's lifetime. Most of this stuff is for forum gamer discussion, and rarely makes it to the general masses.
bednet  +   824d ago
The way I see it is that last gen PS3 could have wiped the floor with the 360...but it didn't for a few reasons:

1 price
2 game quality (shoddy ports) on PS3
3 no games at the beginning
4 360 head start

Think about it, if the PS3 had come out 100$ cheaper than the 360, and released simultaneously with a good launch lineup and better game quality...what would the landscape be right now?

Well that's what we're looking at for this gen...the only difference and possible salvation for X1 is the massive user base...but let's remember that PS2's massive user base didn't necessarily translate to PS3 sales.
MELMAN26  +   825d ago
I think it is about the time they had with the tools, and the game.

We cannot assume that Infinity Ward received dev kits b4 anyone else, especially when it has been said that they received them late.

It is not like the xb1 doesn't have any 1080p games. I doubt the next COD or Battlefield will be lower than 1080p.

But you are right about the ps4 probably being easier to develop for.
sigfredod  +   825d ago
That is correct, they try to get 1080P on the xbone until a month ago, but the 60FPS was not getting achieve despite all the efforts, on the PS4 otherhand they did it easy of develope and more raw muscle
sigfredod  +   825d ago
Wow after reading this article i can't wait what they are going to achieve on the PS4 over time
Naga  +   825d ago
That's not quite an accurate summary of what he actually said. Though I see how you are rolling the popular narrative along with your inferences.
mhunterjr  +   825d ago
It's not really damning at all. It appears that the PS4 is easier to develop for, but given time and experience with the Xbox One's architecture, and improved tools from MS, Xbox games will perform better.

This is really nothing new, and occurs during every console transition.
Pixel_Enemy  +   825d ago
What makes you think that given time the PS4 games won't perform better? This gap in the launch will only widen.
mhunterjr  +   825d ago
@pixel_enemy the ps4 games WILL perform better. but, I still don't see how that would be 'damning'. People buy games for the system they have. And people don't by systems for graphics alone.

There once was a time when 360 multiplats outperformed the ps3, but the ps3 was still successful. Now the ps3 tends to outperform the 360 multiplats, but 360 games are still selling. For example GTA V technically, performs better on PS3, but most people wouldnt care or notice.

The general public will hardly care about 720p vs 1080p. Once resolution parity is achieved, and the only difference is shaders and post processing effects, you'll be talking about diminutive returns...most of the public wont even notice.

So again, this will be a strength for Sony, but its FAR from 'damning' for MS. Their console will still sell fine because people will want their exclusives and their services.
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strifeblade  +   825d ago
Sure the ps4 got better but similar to the way 360 got better. since both had their ease of development, 360 and probably the ps4 will hit their peak fairly early, like how the 360 hit peak with gears of war and ps3 took a bit more time due to development complexities when uncharted 2 released. The x1 will take more time to hit its peak just like the ps3 while the ps4 will hit it much faster.
Elit3Nick  +   825d ago
you have to remember though that Infinity Ward/Treyarch aren't known for stellar optimization. Remember how previous CODs were often bug ridden and just generally inferior on the PS3 because they didn't put much effort into optimising the game.
Sitdown  +   825d ago
"First launch, first time at bat at a new console is a challenging one. That's just the way it is. For people fearful one system is more powerful than the other or vice versa, it's a long game."
BobBelcher  +   825d ago
you enjoy soap operas don't you?
CJDUNCAN  +   825d ago

just keep in mind that these are launch titles , and while the PS4 is coming out of the gate as more powerful, we will still have great looking and playing games on the X1.

Both systems have their ups and downs and you can see it in their mainstream launch exclusives: Ryse and Killzone Shadow Fall.

Killzone does 1080p and 60FPS SOMETIMES, 30FPS at other times. Does it mean it will be a horrible experience with the framerate inconsistency? I doubt it.

Ryse is only 900p, this game has been in development for a few years and couldn't achieve the glorified 1080p. Pretty shocking but not a deal breaker.

We invest in the future of consoles not in the start of them.

Sky Lazarus  +   824d ago
Would you invest in the future of a crappy car...and pay more for it...then just hope it becomes good....flawed logic.
CJDUNCAN  +   822d ago
It's flawed logic to say a console is crappy when 1. you don't have it and 2. you're not planning on getting one. So you're going off someone else's opinion rather than your own.

Now a crappy car, there's a carfax for that.
ipach  +   825d ago
seems that the ESRAM is not as much a problem as the overall X1 OS is. the issue is that the ESRAM is not MORE of a help, not so much that it is a bottleneck.. at least that's my impression
AngelicIceDiamond  +   825d ago
"Question is, if a developer like Infinity Ward, a studio I'm sure received dev kits way before other studios because of Call of Duty, cannot get COD: Ghosts at 1080p on Xbox One but easily gets it on PS4"

"the future really looks bleak for Microsoft's new console."

Does it now.

Considering you already answered your own question with.

"they simply couldn't get more out of the difficult architect of the Xbox One -- most notably the ESRAM bottlenecks, to make it run at a higher resolution."

Your comment was all over the place.

Rubin, CBOAT and MS themselves already stated similar to what Rubin just stated here.

"He also suggests future Xbox One Call of Duty games may not suffer a similar resolution issue, as developers further optimise the COD engine and Microsoft - potentially - tweaks the Xbox One's OS reserved memory allocation."

"tweaks the Xbox One's OS reserved memory allocation."

Which means 10% of the GPU's power reserved for Kinect will get solved.

It allll comes back around. So basically we're just talking in circles.
Hicken  +   825d ago
... yes, they'll get better, and the "damage" won't be as bad, when developing the next game.

But it's not like they'll be sitting still in terms of familiarity with the PS4, either.

That's what people are trying to get at, and that's what you, Death, and others seem intent on not comprehending.

Simply put: familiarity with the XB1 will not bridge the gap, as familiarity with the PS4 AND superior power will increase that gap. After all, there's only so much you can do to work around a bottleneck, especially when it's so difficult already; on the other hand, Sony's actually holding power- as far as amount of RAM available- in reserve.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   825d ago

"That's what people are trying to get at, and that's what you, Death, and others seem intent on not comprehending."

I can comprehend just fine. I'm fully aware of that, I already know that. But I'm not taking about that immediately I'm just clearing the air of this mentality of "Xbox can't hit next gen requirements."

PS4 is already impressing early on. The PS4 will get better and possibly even widen the gap.

I appreciate the disagree btw.
rainslacker  +   825d ago
I don't think MS future is bleak, just kind of rocky right now. MS isn't known to sit on it's laurels when it comes to developing their SDK's(for the most part), and they have a huge vested interest in making sure things get better over time. Same was true with MS and Sony this gen. In fact Sony has all but admitted to holding back on it's available resources for future enhancement(either for games or system features).

The difference in power wasn't as great this gen as has been reported for next gen, which can cause a disparity between how quickly games start to look better on a more powerful system which is also easier to program for. I doubt if this happens that it'll leave the X1 in the dust, but I have no doubt that exclusive PS4 titles will blow away exclusive X1 titles in the future in terms of graphics and what's being done in the background.
FANTA1180  +   824d ago
looks like ps4 cant run it either.

"choppy gameplay awaits "
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jackanderson1985  +   825d ago
i think that was the fastest i've ever had something approved ha and hey maybe next year we'll have 1080p vs 1080p in the consoles... although then what will we argue about.... damn you infinity ward... damn you to hell
s8anicslayer  +   825d ago
@jackanderson Quote "damn you infinity ward... damn you to hell" Planet of The Apes circa 2001?
jackanderson1985  +   825d ago
or the 1968 one ha either really
Perjoss  +   825d ago
That's easy to predict. If both consoles are spitting out 1080p games in 12 months time people will argue over the quality of the textures, anti aliasing, shadows, ambient occlusion, draw distance and of course things like frames rates and post effects that might be missing like motion blur and chromatic aberration.
jackanderson1985  +   825d ago
ah i know i was just making a joke... they could release perfect replicas of the game on the consoles and someone somewhere would find something to complain about
jaren92  +   825d ago
We will see both systems running 1080p native in the future for sure
WeAreLegion  +   825d ago
Agreed, but will developers finish the PS4 versions of games months before the XBO versions?
mhunterjr  +   825d ago
Why would that matter? They'd still be releasing on the same day...
360 was easier to develop for than the ps3, and development time per platform didn't matter at all...
WeAreLegion  +   825d ago
Because...if the PS4 version of something is done, I want that version out ASAP.
Sayai jin  +   825d ago
@WeAreLegion - I think over time developers will have a better grasp of the XB1's features and be able to develop better quality games. Games get better on console during their lifespan due to this reason. It's funny, because it was the other way around this gen...the 360 was easier to develop for than the PS3, but its the other way around. I remember people complaining that devs were to lazy to try to figure on how to get the most out of the PS3. I think MS should have kept the ease of dev they had with the 360 IMO.

I understand wanting the games a soon as possible, but remember good things come to those who wait.
Naga  +   825d ago
@ WeAreLegion - I think you may be misunderstanding the sequence of events and their causes here. While it may turn out to be true that the PS4 is just inherently easier and faster to develop for, that's just not what the guy said in the article.

What has been pointed at in this article - and in others - is the fact that developers were saddled with theoretical hardware and tools which didn't arrive until late in the game. Essentially, they were trying to paint on a moving canvas.

From what it sounds like, the PS4 kits - hardware and tools alike - arrived much sooner and in much closer to final form than those of the Xbox One. Subsequently, it was easier for the developers to optimize and work their way through the architecture. Now there were some subtle references to the nature of the architecture itself, but not enough to justify big-time inferences as to long-term development times.

At the end of the day, I think the second round of games will say a lot more when it comes to development speed, ease, and quality. It's not *quite* fair to judge either console just yet. I'd really like to see what developers across the board are able to do when they start the development process on something which is already final as opposed to something which is constantly changing until the last minute like we had to varying degrees on both sides here.
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farhad2k8  +   825d ago
Games just kept looking better and better on the PS3, what makes you think the same won't happen with PS4?
Killzone Shadow Fall runs at 60fps 1080p, the game looks fantastic, and it's only a launch title, it certainly isn't using EVERYTHING the PS4 has to offer.

Games in the future will look better, and stay at 1080p on the PS4, but it's up to the developers to do that, first party devs will make it happen, third party devs may do it differently though.
GentlemenRUs  +   825d ago
I never really did see the benefits of ESRAM for gaming...
KionicWarlord222  +   825d ago
Now we hear infinty ward confirm that allocation is different on each console.

How much resources is microsoft using up that cod ghosts cant hit 1080p?

This is getting ridiculous.
XxGOWxX  +   825d ago
i think i saw somewhere the kinect uses 10% of the gpu all the time.
MasterCornholio  +   825d ago
Now I understand when people say " worse with kinect".

What amazes me is that the Xbox One doesn't have a chip that takes care of Kinects processing.

Nexus 7 2013
sandman224  +   825d ago
If in time Xbox one gets pushed to 1080p native imagine what ps4 will get pushed to.
BobBelcher  +   825d ago
1080p... still.
Legacy212  +   825d ago
na bro it will push native 4k gaming...(sarcasm) once both systems hit 1080p people will argue textures such as look at the grass in both systems or look at the draw distances. Or look just how dark this guys shadow is from x1 version...pretty much knit picking
miklo84  +   825d ago
Good times. LMFAO
Megaton  +   825d ago
If your console cannot display a game running on an old Quake engine at 1080p, you cannot charge $500 for that console.
BobBelcher  +   825d ago
horrible logic.
Legacy212  +   825d ago
I forgot that people here are professional game developers and understand why they didnt do 1080p. lol /s for all you know the old engine wasnt compatible with x1 architecture set up. But no people here pretend they know everything and state their opinion as fact
Jamaicangmr  +   825d ago
Hmmm interesting
Question: "What everyone will ask is whether this is the result of the Xbox One simply not being as powerful as the PS4,"

Answer: "It's very possible we can get it to native 1080p. I mean I've seen it working at 1080p native. It's just we couldn't get the frame rate in the neighbourhood we wanted it to be."

So basically yes.

I'm rather surprised by this i mean come on guys this is COD it's isn't even a new engine just upgraded. So the fact that in order to get it to run stable at 60fps they had to reduce the resolution by over 50% then upscale it. Really shows that the Sony built a better mouse trap when they built the PS4.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   825d ago
Dont see how Sony built a better machine when it is using chesp low cost off the shelf pc parts. I think you should have watched the video and read the article yesterday on x1 esram issues.
By the way the order 1886 is 800p 30fps. Just though you should know carry on.
DoesUs  +   825d ago
So, PS4 has vastly superior GPU (off the shelf with additional extras), XB1 uses vastly inferior off the shelf GPU. PS4 has a superior memory setup using cutting edge GDDR5 modules, as opposed to off the shelf DDR3 and ESRam combo resulting in one big headache for developers. Exactly the same CPU bar the the XB1 upclock. XB1 has Shape, PS4 also has a dedicted audio processor. PS4 is cheaper. You guys from the otherside really do need reality checks. Your last off topic point proves just how desperate you are. It's churning you up are but a tear drop away from balling your eyes out.

See you at the next faceoff.
#8.1.1 (Edited 825d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Jamaicangmr  +   825d ago
Lol! Ok Frigid let me indulge you for a minute. Even if as you say
"it is using chesp low cost off the shelf pc parts"
Yet the end result is a superior architectured machine to Microsoft which based on your statement about Sony using cheap parts must be that Microsoft used superior behind the tempered glass parts, the results are staggering. So that must mean that Sony's architectural skills in console engineering are way above that of MS i mean considering Sony is using cheaper parts like GDDR5 and a more powerful GPU right?

About the order now. Thanks for the link bro reminds me of the old days of the PS3 launch, you know when i mean lol!

Anyway i am not one who thinks that every PS4 game will be 1920x1080 i know that's unrealistic considering the specs namely the CPU of each system. However my amazement is that when you look at a multiplatform game the difference is the X1 runs at at way lower resolution than it's PS4 counterpart.

So imagine if you will, fine the order is 800p on the superior PS4 so imagine for a minute how much lower this same game will be if it were on the X1.

Yeah that cring you just got is the same i got trying to imagine the drop in quality.

Your move bro lol!
FrigidDARKNESS  +   825d ago
@doesus I see your lack of intelligence is affecting you. You don't have a clue to what you're talking about.
DoesUs  +   825d ago
20 years in the industry tells me you sir, are a crackpot 8)

See you soon.
quenomamen  +   825d ago
So apparantly MS threw all the good parts on the parts bin at AMD so that's all Sony had to work with, lol. Just stop already Xbox 720 will be the home of inferior ports this gen.
Destrania  +   825d ago
You do know that the hardware in the PS4 is customized, right? You do know that the PS4 is much more powerful and easier to develop for than the Xbone, right? And, you do know that 1920x800 is not 800p, right? And that 1920x800 aspect ratio is due to black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to make the game more seem more filmic, right? And that 1920x800 is still many more pixels than 1600x900 (900p), right? And you do know that nobody knows what the final frame rate will be besides the developers as they work on and optimize the game, right? And you realize GameInformer thought that The Order:1886 was the most amazing next-gen game they've ever seen, right? What a dumbass, smh. Xbots make me sick. Pathetic moron.
#8.1.6 (Edited 825d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
christocolus  +   825d ago
nice is obvious this is only going to be an issue with some launch titles&those whose development have gone far on the old dev kits and also due to ms not optimizing dev kits and sending them out early enough..well time will tell.
osprey19  +   825d ago
I suppose it is hard developing a game for a console that u fully don't understand yet, not to mention they started developing ghosts before xbox1 or ps4 was announced. Give it until they r fully understood.
marcuspetre  +   825d ago
im kind of worried about game development on the xbox one i feel as if im gambling my money on it
mochachino  +   825d ago
If you're a console gamer looking to have the best looking multiplats and buying an xone, you're in for a bad time.
buynit  +   825d ago
How did your gamble pay off for you with the ps3?
sibbor  +   825d ago
The PS4 owns Xbone in every aspect. I love this quote regarding the Xbone and why CoD is 720p compared instead of 1080p:

"There's no specific, oh, well, the VO chat on Xbox took up so much resources that we couldn't do 1080p native. There's no definitive one to one per se cause and effect. It's just an overall thing. We took each system individually and said, 'okay, let's make the best game for each system.'"

Xbone can't do any better that this. The developers have been specifically optimizing the Xbone version of CoD.

Oooh, that balance, M$! You've failed: "It's just an overall thing"... Xbone lacking in every apartment compared to the powerful PS4.
miklo84  +   825d ago
IDK, but that Battlefield 4 Showdown between EU & US was insane. Gameplay looked hectic but really fun
Aerialbots  +   825d ago
this 720p vs 1080p makes me laugh hell when this story came out i found out that my wii u games are in 1080p i did not know that but does it bother me that cod is running at 720p no now if the next cod on the xbone is still running at 720p then yes i will be mad about it
buynit  +   825d ago
Man i really wish i knew what is going on... I don't get these big corporations at all anymore, everything always has to be this huge secret with Them!

The guys that built the xb1 already came out and had an interview and from what i remember the esram is a direct evolution of edram that made the 360 the easiest console to develope for. So im confused just as much as those guys when i ask why is it harder to dev. For?

Maybe ms miss calculated and really didn't think gddr5 was going to be available on time, something Sony took the risk on and paid Off! so now ms has to boost the system up a notch to catch up but i don't think that it has to do with power at all i think its just better dev. kits then ms expected, again story is ms didn't think gddr5 would ship on time, so they prob. Assumed that they were ahead of what ever else Sony was coming up with since the edram was so loved already...

It can be anything... Imo ms should have just delayed the console till next year and could have had more time to clean up the image they have now. Imo ms has the better over all console it really sucks how ms screwed up so bad with the pr, that's what really messed up the xb1....
Sadist3  +   825d ago
I hope all you people who are on this 1080p resolution kick, have at least a 50inch TV and are sitting approximately 5 to six feet from it. Cause if you aren't, you really can't tell the difference in resolution.
quenomamen  +   825d ago
And I hope all you " aaay, 720p is good enough for me ! " people are still playing on 24 CRTscuz that waay you keep saying " See what I tell ya ! It looks the same !! "
and take out a $100 dollar bill and burn it while your doing it.
PharaohX  +   825d ago
What is funny to me is the big deal people are making saying the PS4 is so much powerful when what it really comes down to is resources. Meaning in short terms the XB1 is requiring too much resources be dedicated to OS and not enough to gaming. Trust me they will find a work around for the OS resources by either an update in a few short months or something of that nature. Is the Xbox 1 capable of 1080 - 60fps??? Yes. Are all games employing this now?? No. Can it and or will it??? Yes. What really matters are great games that look and play great. Stop riding this 1080 to the grave. You can hardly tell the difference. I mean who turns on the TV and watches a movies and without looking at the specs can say "Oh that movie or game is in 1080P?? I doubt anyone can without having it stated or shown on the TV or monitor... Lastly how much better will gaming get beyond this covered 1080P 60FPS??? What is higher than that??? Sony is already at this standard what will they get better at beyond this.. Someone please help me undertand... What is next and please don't say 4K...
5eriously  +   824d ago
This is what ALL eXBox720p apologists say!

Question?: why were the slight differences in jaggies and resolution as well as framerate so important for the M$ camp over the last few years in comparisons between the eXBox360 and PS3 multiplats games, even knowing the fact that AAA first party titles were so great, so much so that PS3 owners and Sony were pestered, heckled, etc. But now suddenly it does not natter anymore, Hmmm? please explain that to me, a gamers victim of the not so recent past.
PharaohX  +   825d ago
What is better than 1080P 60FPS????
#18 (Edited 825d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Stoppokingme  +   825d ago
"Resolutiongate"? how original.
5eriously  +   824d ago
Quote:["Septic + 22h ago
Its interesting to note that the decision to make the X1 version 720 was "a late decision, too."]

Oh my gawd, it just dawned on me reading that sentence that's why M$ called it the eXB0Ne as it would have been a standing joke if it was called the XBox720 = 720p,(wink) Bwahahahaha.
#20 (Edited 824d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply

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