The Arrogance of Sony

Gamnesia: "Notably there is nothing overly wrong with being arrogant. At times it makes you sound like an idiot, but overall its impact on the consumer base level is usually nothing notable. You could also argue every major corporation, including Nintendo and Microsoft, are arrogant in their own specific ways. However, this particular topic is going to focus in on Sony, given that the gamers out there seem to be all too willing to hop on the Sony train as if they are vastly superior in every fashion to the whole industry. In fact, that mantra by gamers is what gives Sony their bravado to begin with. So, when Sony starts making silly assertions about their superiority again, remember to look in the mirror because they are learning it from the best.

When you dig for silly quotes many of them come from between 2005 and 2008, a time when Sony was openly bashing pretty much any product on the market that wasn’t a PlayStation 3. In fact, this is the time when they proclaimed the PlayStation 3 was probably too cheap, hinting that they should be charging more for it. You won’t find those sort of quotes from them today, but that doesn’t mean that underlying thought process has left them."

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GarrusVakarian1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

If you look back to before and during the PS3 launch then yeah, they did come across arrogant sometimes. But they seemed to have learned their lesson, if they say anything even slightly arrogant these days its always in good taste and light hearted in my opinion.....and most of the time its true :p

Why criticize Sony's E3 presentation? They told gamers exactly what we wanted to hear in a time of uncertainty, how is that arrogant? It wasn't "cocky" it was telling gamers that Sony still cares about their customers freedom to do as they please with their games and consoles.

And so what if they flaunt the fact that they have the superior system? They went through years of crap with the PS3, now they have done nothing but please, they deserve to gloat, lol.

allformats1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

So this is what we've come to? One company tries to rape gamers with DRM policies where gamers wouldn't be able to loan or gift games to their friends. That same company said, (because their console would need to be always connected to the internet to work) to get an Xbox 360 if your internet internet connection isn't good enough.

Region-blocked the console, and disregarded gamers at their official reveal in May with TV TV TV TV TV TV nonsense. That company is Microsoft.

The other company listened to gamers and created a console that completely represents the gamer: free to do whatever you want with your used games, no region blocking, does not require internet connection to work and, lastly, created a more powerful machine. That company is Sony...

But somehow this website claims Sony is the one that's arrogant.

AbsoluteZelda1868d ago

You're missing the point. The article even admits that Microsoft and yes, even Nintendo, are also very arrogant companies. However, the focus of this piece is on Sony specifically because they are being praised right now as the "can't do wrong" company. Despite the fact they can, and have, and continue to do so.

The PlayStation 4 has many pluses and I have a day one verison, but they also have a lot of things going against them that has been slipping under the radar people are ignoring, meanwhile they continue to be what Sony usually is: Full of themselves and feeling they are the best becaues they want to be.

I think Sony makes quality products, but how they handle themselves publicly is different. Microsoft has been 10x worse this year, but Sony has a history of this behavior going back almost a decade.

bicfitness1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

@Zelda. The distinct difference is that they are comparing a Sony from a generation ago that was under entirely different management with the Sony today, which isn't the same creature at all.

Kutaragi, Sir Howard, Phil (over at MS now). Almost all of the old-guard has left and have been replaced with fresher, more frank (as frank as buisiness men can be) people. Not to mention the company as a whole has been humbled by their financial struggles against the Yen and their declining TV market.

Now let's contrast this against MS, who made statements of the greatest hubris mere months ago and have much of their leadership structure intact (though changing, slowly). Spencer, Yusef, and the rest are all still at the helm making asinine claims and backpedaling without any sincerity in a desperate attempt to get preorder numbers up.

There are certain facts and realities that need to be accounted for when making a comparison between the gaming divisions of the two companies. And I shouldn't have to spell it out for you in plain English like I just did.

Edit (ramble incoming): Zelda. The most recent quotes are not nearly as bad as anything from the "get a 2nd job" Kutaragi era. Not even close. Calling the 3DS a "babysitting" tool when its greatest core market is children (or was before the rise of i-devices) is again something that someone emotionally invested with a company might see as 'an attack'. I don't have fealty to any one company. I was a PC gamer first because that's where gaming started and it gave me the most options. I've been with Sony through most 'console' gens, but that's only because of their unique portfolio of games that appeal to me. If one day they stopped supporting games I like or if the PS4 turned out to be a dud like the X1 I would drop them in a heartbeat. Hell, I had a 360 before a PS3 on account of MS' short-lived JRPG push. Again, these companies are not our friends. They exist to provide a satisfactory service. They do not need white knights to champion their virtue, they should be judged solely by the success and appeal of the products they make.

AbsoluteZelda1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


In the article it provides quotes from Sony in 2011 and 2012 that are just as bad as any quotes from 2005-2007. 2011 and 2012 isn't that long ago.

EDIT REPLY: Calling the 3DS a babysitting tool is just as insulting as what they said about the DS. Especially at the time that they said it in 2011, when the only people who owned the 3DS were young adults, the same market they target. The greatest core market for the DS was children, but it was such a success that it was very common to see gamers of all ages playing. So far, there are actually more "older gamers" playing the 3DS than young kids. All one has to do is look at the best selling games which are aimed at audiences that are not 6 years old.

Boody-Bandit1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

"The arrogance of Sony"

I find Sony to be the most humble out of the big 3. Sorry but this opinion piece screams BUTTHURT!

@AbsoluteZelda (<-looks at name and wonders.... is there a hidden message in that name)
"feeling they are the best becaues they want to be"

No Sony is the best because they have their fingers on the pulse of the consumer like no other. They have far and away given me the best overall gaming experience since they entered the industry. That's why their the best.

We could debate Sony's missteps with the PS3 including both the Cell and Bluray which drastically drove up cost and made it really hard to develop for. But since then Sony has reeled themselves in and learned their lessons.

The 3rd hardware release is kind of like the Madden curse. Anything that can go wrong usually does. Sony knows they are in the drivers seat headed into this next generation and if anything they are down playing it. They have been anything but arrogant. Sorry, MS currently holds that crown.

xHeavYx1868d ago

So, if this piece is about one of the lesser greedy companies,I can't wait to see future articles about the other 2 gaming companies, because this article isn't a click bait... right?

InTheLab1868d ago


Bulls&&&! Sony is literally giving away free games and that is arrogance?

NewMonday1868d ago


as long as they don't lie to the consumer they can say whatever they want.

vallencer1868d ago


So by your logic Microsoft should get a free pass because this is their third system??

scott1821868d ago

I have always liked how confident they are in their products.

P0werVR1868d ago

”Did you see the movie 'The Matrix'? Same interface. Same concept.”

LMAO! WOW!! Never read that before. Imagine how things will turn out as time progresses. Both going head up and when it comes down to competition, Microsoft ain't no slouch. They've pretty much have taken on nations and continents.

xxV0rschlaghammer1868d ago

But yet Sony can talk about TV and the "multimedia gamers want" for 45 mins+ at E3, an event designed for videogames, and get no flack for it? Where as MS chose to show their other features at their console reveal, actually showed the box itself, talked more about stats/etc and then showed pretty much exclusively games at E3? lol? But I disgress, I think Sony is overtly arrogant, especially since they haven't made a product that appeals to me since the Playstation 1 era (and even then I while I admire the PS1 quite a bit, the N64 was better, and the Saturn was damn near close at least in terms of the handful of games that were great on the Saturn far outshined most any PS1 games)

But overall I hope Sony and MS both do well, I'll own both systems eventually, and the competition makes for better products, I just wish both companies would drop all their PR bullcrap, and tell it the way it is, because so far every company is guilty of spewing the corporate bull, because at the end of the day EVERY company is out there to make money, and that's it, no company wants to bleed money, everyones in it for a profit

mewhy321868d ago

Well kid rock said it best..."It ain't called braggin' if you can back it up." They are backing it up in spades.

memots1868d ago

trying to find something negative to say about Sony and they have to go back to 2005. yeah ...

sAVAge_bEaST1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Grasping at straws at this point, really. I like a company to be confident in the vision they have, for their next console. -It makes me confident with my decision/purchase.

Much better to be confident, rather than the wishy-washy, no backBone-180 type message coming from other company's.

DragonKnight1868d ago

This article is obviously in response to the article posted a couple days ago talking about how the gaming media ignores that the X1 is $100 more for a less capable machine than the PS4.

It starts off with a NeoGaf reference, which automatically is a red flag. The first paragraph reads like a fanboy in opposition to Sony/The PS4.

Then the article goes on to say that because Sony has said some arrogant things 5 to 8 years ago, that that thought process isn't gone despite them not saying anything remotely close to what Kutaragi said. Reaching.

E3 wasn't arrogance on Sony's part, it was capitalization. Sony were seeing real-time focus group style data coming from twitter about Microsoft's B.S. with the DRM and, although they already had no DRM themselves, they decided that they were going to assuage the fears of gamers anyway and pounce on Microsoft's mistake. An action Microsoft would have gladly done themselves in reversed positions.

Sony's marketing has actually been a response to what fans have been talking about, what fans have been saying. Only Microsoft fanboys see it as arrogance and taking shots, but if you look around the web at every chance that Microsoft makes a mistake, you'll see that Sony's responses coincide with what they see gamers talking about. That's not arrogance, that's knowing the audience and giving them what they want. Where was gamenesia when Microsoft sailed a boat with "We Love Xbox" on a banner down a river in Paris during Sony's launch for the PS3 there? THAT'S arrogance.

This entire article was definitely written by an Xbox fanboy; it can be seen in everything from the last gen launch quotes that don't apply to today, the description of what the author thinks is a typical Sony fanboy, and the general tone of the article. Nothing written in the article applies to today and is a huge damage control piece to spare Microsoft's bad PR image.

@AbsoluteZelda: Sony is being praised because, short of the minor nuisances of a lack of MP3 and DLNA support, they have been doing everything right for a gamer perspective. The PS4 is a gaming console and it shows. It was built by gamers for gamers and thus gamers are loving it. Sony didn't try to restrict gamers, they didn't tell gamers that they are being spied on (then not, then only if they wanted to be), they did everything they could to make sure that the PS4 was about games and gamers first, everything else second. What have they done that you consider to be a mistake that really matters in the end?

How has Sony poorly handled themselves publicly?

ShinMaster1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

@ AbsoluteZelda

Admittedly focused on Sony.
Talk about being bitter. That's where this how article comes from, bitterness.

Did you really feel the need to talk about mistakes that Sony may have made in the past because you think that everyone believes Sony "can't do wrong"? Are you kidding me?

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AbsoluteZelda1868d ago

It's not about what they said, but how they said it. Did they really need a video showing "this is how you share games on the PS4". The fact they support used games already implied. That video exists solely to mock the Xbox One at that time.

GarrusVakarian1868d ago

Did they "need" to? No. But they did it because of the uproar from gamers about MS policies and they knew gamers would love to see that nothing had changed in that regard on Sonys part. As i said above it was just some light hearted humour, and truth :p

bicfitness1868d ago

Omg, its called "marketing". Exploiting a competitor's weakness. Do you remember the "I'm a PC" ads? Companies exist to trade us goods and services for our money. They are not our friends. You are taking this way too personally.

Mr_cheese1868d ago


Was this article written by your by any chance?


Been a big fan of you lately, I think you have a good point of view on things. Keep it up.

On topic - I feel that Sony did need to show it to cement the point that this was a gaming console for gamers. The E3 presentation was flawless, it got a wheel spinning and set emotions into overdrive... you heard the crowd. It was necessary from a business point of view and it was necessary from a fans point of view.

MysticStrummer1868d ago

That game sharing video got a hugely positive response. The arrogant things they said at the beginning of the PS3 gen did not get such a positive response.

AbsoluteZelda1868d ago


That's exactly the point. Companies are here to make money. Period. This works both ways. Why care about them being cocky or not if it doesn't really even matter? They provide the entertainment you want or are seeking, so be happy!

So much hate and "bitterness" over something you claim is not our friends. If Sony isn't our friends, why are so many acting like they are? I will enjoy my PS4, but this article merely serves to prove to those that do worship Sony that they aren;t your friend even if you really, really, want to believe they are.

Omran1868d ago

as bicfitness said it's marketing . . this is how
you attract people to your product !

see the competition between apple and microsoft
apple and samsung and you will know what is going on !

all the companies do this and it's normal !

pompombrum1868d ago

Yes they did need that video, with the tension as thick as it was, that video couldn't have been timed better. If you want to blame anyone, blame Microsoft for being complacent enough to allow their competitors the chance to take shots at them like that.

Outside_ofthe_Box1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Hell yeah they needed that video.

***"The fact they support used games already implied."***

You see this was NOT the case during that time. Looking back in hindsight yeah it was, but at the time people thought Sony was being tricky and deceptive with their wording. It was not until E3 that EVERYONE FINALLY got message that the PS4 would play used games.

Before E3 there were plenty of people saying things like "why would MS do it alone?" "you think publishers will only push for MS to do it and not Sony?" also the whole #NoDRM #UsedGames campaign further shows that people were very concerned that PS4 wouldn't be able to play used games despite it "already being implied" like you said. The video and what they did at E3 was definitely needed to completely erase doubt.

joeorc1868d ago


"That video exists solely to mock the Xbox One at that time."

Hey where was you out there talking about Arrogance, when Nintendo did it @ E3 about Sony? Huh?

you cannot have it both freaking way's, im getting the whole, somehow, some way Sony is the worst of the bunch out of the three, and this very part of this claim is Sony's getting it from the fans, is hogwash. here is a lil video for you

but this thread is to focus on Sony, right? No this is to get a free Pass at trying to manipulate public perception of not just Sony but also its fan base as some how worse than Nintendo's or Microsoft's.

Its ironic because where was this outrage about, Sony How you killed your brand Music that was all in good fun right...?

IT's bunk and Bull crap..all fanboys are bad, none is any worse than any other. and trying to manipulate the public perception of such is the real problem, because it shows just how much of an obsession many gamer's are showing.

Hicken1868d ago

You should just stop, Zelda. There's no point defending the article.

They're seriously going back half a decade to find comments made by people who aren't even with the company anymore to assert that arrogance Sony isn't showing now can and will return?

Outside the delusions of fanboyism, on what plane of reality does that even begin to make sense?

InTheLab1868d ago

It was a reassurance that MS does not dictate the industry standard and benefited all gamers.

Only a shill would think otherwise.

That video was for gamers, dude. The side affect was making a (bigger) fool out of MS for their ridiculous policies that deserved to be made fun of...

Marceles1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


They made the video because every mess up the Xbox division did at the time, rumors always go around with "Don't be surprised if Sony does it too!". They just put a stop to all of the rumors, nothing more.

"If they're so cocky and confident, they shouldn't have needed to say anything", so that everyone can keep going with the false rumors? No.

Dehnus1868d ago

Indeed that really turned me off. Especially the response where gaming enthusiasts talked as if Gamers are a group of people that are born that way rather then followers of a great hobby.

Furthermore not every gamer agreed that the DRM was bad, and infact Steam is doing much the same. (For that reason I also keep my online PC purchases to physical media or GOG). But that little video turned me off he PS4, and the nailed the XBOX door shut, as it was already a turn off since the brand became a bro-gamer console inthe midlife of the 360.

So I probably will be a WII U only gamer this generation. But apearantly the Sony fans do not allow you to have that opinion, just as MS fans wouldn't allow you if the tables where turned. Really fanboys are ruining this generation.

miyamoto1868d ago

"That video exists solely to mock the Xbox One at that time."

Are you out of your butt hurt mind?!

What is arrogant about that video?
That video is simple absolute truth.

Be a man! Do the right thing.

What is happening to Kidtendo fans nowadays?

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Mosiac771868d ago

Because even thought they told you what you wanted to hear, they won't give you what you want. Many of their promises are not going to become truth. I already cought to their dirty tactic, Have you? If you think back at their PS2 and PS3 reveal, they made promises that never became truth and they new that. That's why if they don't show me a demo of their vision I will never belive them.

JustPlay41868d ago

Wtf? If that your opinion then ok

first1NFANTRY1868d ago

The problem is a lot of people nowadays are way too sensitive and will mistake your confidence for arrogance. We can all agree Sony was off the ball with the ps3 launch but this time around they really do have a winner on their hands with the ps4.

It's like asking Usain Bolt not to smile before a race but he knows he's got a good chance of winning.

Gore-Content1868d ago

Arrogance of Sony....... I've witnessed more arrogance coming from Microsoft, so why don't they make an article on that?

AbsoluteZelda1868d ago

This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Apparently, they have one for Microsoft and Nintendo coming later in the week.

pompombrum1868d ago

My condolences for the poor guy who has to write the huge novel for the Microsoft article.

miyamoto1868d ago

no clicks for you then
click baiting

first1NFANTRY1868d ago

Cause they love the shaft and the lube it comes with. But u said it.

GraveLord1868d ago Show