Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Bug: Silencer Mutes Entire Server

Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are apparently in a competition to see which is the most broken game. On one hand, Ghosts has been hacked before release. On the other, a bug in BF4 causes the actions of a single player to mute the in-game sound of every other player in a server.

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Grave1869d ago

Now that's what I call a "silencer"!! ... Shhhhh

clmstr1869d ago

Well, Battlefield has always been all about the massive scale.

Summons751869d ago

anyone but them....that show is awful, they only try two things nowhere remotely related to the 'myth' they are trying to bust. 99% of the time they don't try all the options or do them so crudely they are bound to fail...worst tv show ever

wannabe gamer1868d ago

if they showed al their methods and all the things they tried then there is no way they could cover more than one myth per show. they have to balance science with entertainment by editing out the slow boring stuff that would make ppl change the channel after 10 minutes. yea there area lot of people that want to see all that but it just cant be done in a 1 hour timeslot

MethCupcakes1868d ago

He was talking about the video game Mythbusters. From DefendTheHouse

SIRHC131869d ago

After a week of extensive PC gameplay, I can assure you that this game is still --secretly-- in beta.

And I have zero doubts about that. DICE rushed this one out to beat Ghosts to the plate.

Neixus1869d ago

Blame EA for having a tight deadline, not Dice.

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