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Illiya from Awesome Games writes: 'What defines next-gen? Better graphics? Intuitive gameplay? New controllers and input mechanics? Or is it simply the fact that games as a medium have moved on to become a more visceral, cinematic experience, akin to the likes of a Hollywood blockbuster. I’d stump for the latter.'

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Septic1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Wait what 11 days?? !

[EDIT] Oh in the USA.... lucky sods! I have about 3 weeks to go. The wait is killing me. I can't get any work done. X_X

Raccoon1837d ago

lucky us! i pre ordered 4 ps4 conosoles to make sure my idiotic friends get one this year... and the prices inflated 2x as i expected...

Septic1837d ago


Where do you live?