Man stages Blockbuster megaphone protest to get PS4 refund

One disgruntled Blockbuster customer took matters into his own hands when told he could not receive a refund for his PS4 pre-order.

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sigfredod1449d ago

Bring the torchs and forks!!! lol

stuff1449d ago

Blockbuster is still a thing?

GarrusVakarian1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Im not surprised Blockbuster refused his refund, they need all the money that can get at the minute, lol.

My friend works at my local Blockbuster and he said they aren't getting next gen consoles in stock at that store, no BF4 or CoD either......hard times for BB, but surely BF4 and Cod would make them a ton of money......? Makes zero sense to me.

minimur121449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

it's still essentially theft of whatever that guy spent. £350 for the console, £50 for the game, £50 for an accessory

thats a hefty £450 blockbuster have taken away from him

At least he got it all back though lol

whitefang19881449d ago

How did it cost him £450? Its £350 for me with killzone and battlefield included

ArronC071449d ago

Its not theft, he's a creditor and thats the legal position you find yourself when you pre-order and pay part or all of the cost.

R31NDR1449d ago

my guess is they have no credit line to get the stock in, therefore no money to get the stock to sell, still I'm sure they'll offer top prices for them on trade in [/sarcasm]

jay21449d ago

Good man, I'd do the same!

Excalibur1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Why would you be stoopid enough to buy your console from Blockbuster?

1. I'd be too afraid they would go out of business before the console came out and I'd be out of my money.

2. I'd be too afraid they would go out of business withing the first year of me owning my console and something broke then I'd have refund/repair issues because the store was no longer there.

kneon1449d ago

I don't understand why anyone would pre-order from any store that wants money up front.

SouthClaw1449d ago

Stores offer pre-order topping up so you could put say £75 on every month up until release makes it easier to pay for. I understand why online retailers don't because they have to pay for every transaction but it would be a good idea.

Last_Boss1449d ago

Because big chain stores, are gonna be jam packed.

NeoTribe1449d ago

Think about it, he's canceling his ps4 to put it twords an xbox1 somewhere else. That gives you a glimpse of his intelligence.

rmatthe51449d ago

Actually blockbuster is going into administration meaning they will not be selling ps4s to anyone.He is not cancelling his pre order but instead wanting his money back for something he will not receive.

"Blockbuster confirmed just hours after announcing its intention to re-enter administration that next-gen pre-orders would be refunded in full." Quote from the article.

nope1111449d ago

Blockbuster is still around?

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The story is too old to be commented.